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BHU Medicine in Big Discount Rate

Product Name Price Discount Discounted Price Connect To seller
Rabekind DSR Rs.95 12% Rs87.083333333333 Connect Seller
Montovent LC Rs.142 60% Rs139.63333333333 Connect Seller
medicine1 Rs.400 30% Rs386.66666666667 Connect Seller
medc2 Rs.6000 7% Rs5142.8571428571 Connect Seller
med Rs.200 5% Rs160 Connect Seller
tr Rs.78 6% Rs65 Connect Seller
uui Rs.68 7% Rs58.285714285714 Connect Seller
xx Rs.600 5% Rs480 Connect Seller
uui Rs.68 7% Rs58.285714285714 Connect Seller
777 Rs.666 2% Rs333 Connect Seller
last product Rs.600 500% Rs598.8 Connect Seller
Aricef -O Plus Rs.300 80% Rs296.25 Connect Seller