Udaan Scheme

The Udaan Scheme is a special initiative by the Government of India aimed at addressing the educational needs of students from Jammu and Kashmir. Launched in 2010, the Udaan Scheme primarily focuses on providing educational and skill development opportunities to the youth of the state, enabling them to compete at the national and international levels.
What is Udaan Scheme

Key Objectives of the Udaan Scheme:

1. Quality Education: Udaan aims to provide students from Jammu and Kashmir with access to quality education. It includes coaching and support for various competitive exams to help them gain admission to prestigious engineering colleges, medical colleges, and other professional courses.

2. Skill Development: The scheme focuses on enhancing the employability of the youth by providing them with skill development training in various sectors. This training helps them secure employment in both the public and private sectors.
3. Exposure to Competitive Environment: Udaan provides students with exposure to a competitive academic and social environment outside their home state. This exposure is crucial for their personal and professional growth.
4. Capacity Building: The scheme focuses on capacity building and mentorship, ensuring that the students receive the necessary guidance and support to excel in their chosen fields.

5. Financial Support: Udaan provides financial support in the form of scholarships to deserving students, enabling them to pursue higher education without financial constraints.
6. Entrepreneurship Development: The scheme also encourages entrepreneurship among the youth by providing them with the necessary training and resources to start their own ventures.

Implementation of Udaan Scheme:

The Udaan Scheme is implemented through various coaching centers, educational institutions, and training centers across the country. These centers provide coaching for competitive exams like the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for engineering, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for medical studies, and other professional courses.
Additionally, the scheme includes mentorship programs, career counseling, soft skills training, and exposure visits to industries and educational institutions. These components are designed to provide a holistic development experience to the students.
The Udaan Scheme has played a significant role in empowering the youth of Jammu and Kashmir by providing them with opportunities for higher education and skill development, thereby enabling them to contribute meaningfully to the nation’s progress.