Stay Home Stay Empowered: Learn 10 precautions to be taken while jogging and running in the morning

In this round of Kovid, people are now starting out in the park in the morning, jogging on the streets and running. It is a good exercise option as the gym closes. But we all know that there is also a risk of corona virus outside, so precautions are necessary. Know 10 such tips
Stay Home Stay Empowered

12 feet from others

Dr. Vivek Gupta of Dayanand Medical College, Ludhiana, said that in general, six feet physical distancing is required. But people breathe loudly while running. In such a situation, there is a danger of the mouth droplets going away. So keep at least 12 to 20 feet of physical distancing.

Always look at the front

Do not think anything while running. You will not be able to be cautious with this. Always look at the front. This will know who or what is coming in front. This will prevent you from getting close to anyone. Run in a place where no one else is. If the place is narrow and someone is coming from the front, change the track.

Do not wear a mask that causes difficulty in breathing

According to America’s Central for Disease Control and Prevention, remember that more oxygen is needed while running. Therefore, wearing a bad mask will cause breathlessness. It is better to wear a mask or face cover of good quality. At the same time, Vivek Gupta says that even while wearing a mask, he should not be tight.

Wear masks as soon as people come

Remember to wear the mask loose while running, but tighten the mask as soon as you reach the other.

Do not go immediately where there is another race

If someone else is running in the park where you have to run then stop. Run shortly after he leaves. Otherwise, you can come in contact with his droplet in the air. According to Dr. Vivek Gupta, do not wake up in crowded places and streets.

Do not touch anything

You do not touch anything outside. Do not even touch the gate while entering the park etc. Gates are already being kept open in many places.

When and where to run

You should know the rules of your area. A number of restrictions are being imposed by the local administration at all places. So you should know when you can get out of the house and where you can or cannot go.

Run smoothly

Do not run too often. Run low and slow on the first day. Your ability will increase. On the other hand, if you used to run before the onset of the pandemic, then also put less emphasis on running. That is to run with less intensity. Pay attention to the minute and do not see how many miles you run.

Have fun

Enjoy the race to the fullest. This will benefit more from it. You can also mix races with pushups, jogging and other exercises. You can also join the Virtual Runner group for inspiration. Many such challenges of staying active are running on the Internet.

Talk clearly

If someone is found while running, talk to him from a distance. Stand away and talk clearly in such a way that he understands your point and does not have to come close.