Set fake GPS location

Your mobile device tracks your location through various features such as navigation and location-base reminders.
However, there are times when you want to fake your GPS location. You want to force your Android device to think that you are actually at a different location.
Changing the location in your Android device helps your phone tell those apps that your location is located elsewhere.
In most cases, every location-based app on your phone will be fooled when you fake your GPS location.
This may seem a strange thing to do because most of us use GPS for tasks that require our actual location, such as finding directions and weather updates. However, there are many legitimate reasons to change the location of your phone to fake.
Unfortunately, creating a location on your Android or iPhone is not very easy. Android does not have an in-built fake GPS location setting, nor do most apps allow you to fake your location through a simple option.

Why do you want to create your fake location?

There are many situations where you can set up a fake GPS location for fun or for other reasons.
The first reason is, some apps use your location information. If you want them not to do this, but you do not want to stop the location service, you can tell these apps that you are somewhere else.
When using a location-based game like Pokemon GO, your location spoofing can also be useful in the game. Instead of traveling several miles to actually pick a different Pokemon type, you can trick your phone into telling Pokemon that you’re already there, and the game will consider your fake location to be accurate.
There may be other reasons to set up a fake GPS location, such as you can joke with your Facebook friends that you are currently on an extraordinary vacation. You are present at a famous landmark such as the Eiffel Tower or Niagara Falls.
You can also use your fake GPS location in your location sharing app to fool your family or friends, so that they do not know your real place.
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FakeGPS Free:

FakeGPS Free is a free app that does the job, as its name suggests: trick with your GPS and assure the frontman that you’re in a different city.
Once you install Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free and launch it for the first time you will see a long message telling you that Allow Mock Locations needs to be enabled. Under the dialog box, there is an option for Enable Mock Locations, tap on it.
Now the Developer options screen will open. Scroll down here until you see the Debugging option.
Tap on the Mock location app and select FakeGPS Free from the list.
Note: If you do not see this screen, first enable the developer options and then come back to this step. If the developer options are not already activated in your mobile then you have to enable it. For this go to the Settings menu and scroll down the list to About Phone. Scroll down to About Phone until you find the Build Number. Tap on the Build Number repeatedly (seven or eight times), and you will be told that the developer mode has been activated.
Now return to Fake GPS Free using your phone’s back button.
You will see that the Fake GPS Location Spoofer screen will show a map of your current location. To change your location, double-tap the location on the map where you want to tell GPS your fake location.
Then tap the Play button in the lower right corner.
You should see a message “Fake location engaged …” below the app.
Now you can close the Fake GPS Free app and open Google Maps or another Maps app. Now Google Map will also show this fake location as your real time location.
Fake GPS Location Android