Professor Cheiro Prophecies: 

Here is Kiro made these amazing predictions for India:

Professor Kiro was born in November 1866 in England. At the age of 17, Kiro came to Mumbai and met astrologer Vednarayan Joshi. With his advice, he will reach the Himalayas, Kashmir, Ladakh and Varanasi. From here, he studied astrology extensively. Kiro made many predictions in his life, which we are giving you here.
Professor Cheiro Prophecies about India

Cheiro, whose real name was William John Warner, was a prominent Irish astrologer and palmist who gained fame in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was known for his accurate predictions and was consulted by various prominent figures of his time, including Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, and Thomas Edison. Cheiro also made some predictions related to India.

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One of his notable predictions about India was made in his book “Cheiro’s World Predictions,” published in 1926. In this book, he wrote about the possibility of India gaining independence from British rule. He mentioned that India would achieve independence between 1915 and 1942. This prediction turned out to be accurate, as India gained independence on August 15, 1947.
It’s important to note that while Cheiro’s predictions about India’s independence turned out to be true, his work is viewed with skepticism by many skeptics and scientists. The field of astrology and palmistry is not considered a science, and predictions made by individuals in these fields are often based on belief systems and interpretations rather than empirical evidence.

Professor Kiro’s 5 predictions:

1. Kiro told Crown Prince Edward VII that he would be coronated 1 month later in August 1902. This is what Kiro said when Edward was in the face of death. Edward would not die until he was 69, it was also said. Edward VII is said to have lived to the age of 69, as Kiro said.
2. Kiro predicted in 1931 that by the end of this decade there would be a world war. It was also said that after the war, England will make India independent. But the worst massacre of this century will be between Hindus and Muslims.
3. Study of Dr. Mayer’s palmistry Kiro had said that he would survive even after the High Court ordered the death penalty. He was 44 when making the prediction. Kiro then said that he was 15 years away from death. After 15 years, he will die of illness on his bed. It is said that this happened. The court stayed the death penalty due to a legal error in the order.
4. While studying, he came to know that India’s future is very bright. He went to Queen Elizabeth about this. He told the Queen that if a great man stood up in India within 50 years of independence, India would never become a slave. But if there is no great man in 50 years and India becomes a slave then no one will ever be able to liberate him.
5. Kiro also said that the Sun of India is very strong. It is in Aquarius. In such a situation, no one will stop the progress of India. Also said that a consciousness man will be born in India who will follow the tradition of Guru-disciple. Its spiritual capacity, the physical capacity of the entire world will be many.
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