National Nutrition Week 2019: Must include these 5 nutrients in children’s diet, stay healthy

National Nutrition Week 2019: National Nutrition Week is celebrated every year from 1 to 7 September, with the main objective of the nutritional requirements of the body and the need for a balanced and nutritious diet. Every person needs some essential nutrients to live a healthy life. Similarly, there are some essential nutrients for children, which help in their physical and mental development, which are not right to ignore as it can affect your child. Children’s needs are slightly different from those of adults, they are required not only to keep healthy nutrients and minerals, but also for proper growth of strong bones, teeth and the entire body with proper growth. Let us tell you here, what essential nutrients your children need to include in their diet.
National Nutrition Week
National Nutrition Week


Calcium tops the list of essential nutrients for children, as it is primarily responsible for the development of strong bones and healthy teeth in children. It is also essential for muscle and cardiovascular health. Therefore, you must include children with calcium in their diet in old age. Some sources of calcium – milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, spinach, broccoli, tofu, etc. are included in many other foods.


Eating fiber-rich diet is very important and beneficial for every age person. But a limited amount of fiber is necessary for children. It helps in improving the digestion of your children and also reduces the risk of childhood obesity. You can include some fruits and vegetables in your child’s fiber-rich diet. Such as pear, avocado, apple, oats, broccoli, nuts etc.


Iron, like other nutrients, plays an important role in the healthy development of the child. Because red ball cells help carry oxygen throughout the body. Iron deficiency can cause anemia and many other health problems. So try to include enough iron in your child’s diet. Such as whole grains, beans, nuts, pomegranates, beets and green leafy vegetables are very good sources of iron.

vitamin C

Vitamin C along with iron is also necessary for the body. It is also beneficial for better health and skin as well as strengthening your immunity. Vitamin C also helps you fight many diseases. Therefore, you should include foods other than citrus fruits like orange, amla and kiwi in your child’s diet.

vitamin D

Vitamin D will help in building and strengthening bones and teeth. In addition, vitamin D is essential for better immune and nervous system functioning. The best and natural source of vitamin D is sun, but apart from this, you must include your child’s eggs, meat, fish and whole grains in the child’s diet.