My plans for summer vacation

The idea of ​​summer vacation really makes our mind more excited. It provides relief from long holidays, school and studies. This is the best time to relax, enjoy sports and practice some fun and creative activities.
The summer vacation brings ample recreational opportunities such as enjoying, having fun and relaxing. We do not have boring routines during these holidays and we plan and enjoy the way we want. These holidays are full of exciting activities and energy.
Summer vacation is the most interesting period of the year because at this time neither a school is open nor we have to get up early in the morning or study. After working hard all year with our final exams, we eagerly await summer vacation. I am planning to be involved in many activities in this summer vacation, which can bring peace to my mind and relax the body, in fact I am planning to get up late every morning.
My plans for summer vacation
My plans for summer vacation
I like to stay fit so I want to take yoga training during these summer holidays because yoga makes the mind and body strong and stable. I like the whole notion of yoga. It is more than physical exercise, it has spiritual and meditative nature. Another activity that I am planning to join is choreography, this summer vacation, I would like to practice classical dance.
It requires a special training and during summer vacation I do not want to go on any journey and spend my time doing things of my choice. We are all very excited about the summer vacation and as per my liking, me and my siblings are planning to make the coming year more creative, beneficial and fun.
Summer holidays are always special and fun for us. Summer vacation means no school, no studying or boring routine. I miss my grandparents and the village living, so I always visit my grandparents in the village during my summer vacation.
I am very excited because I will be visiting my grandparents in Dhargiri village, 5 km from Navsari, with my family during these summer holidays. I am very eager to visit my native place to meet grandparents, cousins ​​and other relatives. My grandfather’s house in the village is surrounded by trees of many other fruits and vegetables like mango, coconut, chiku, guava, pomegranate. I like to eat fresh fruit from those trees, I especially like mangoes. My aunt cooks delicious traditional dishes for us which have great taste and aroma and we enjoy these dishes in full.
The greenery, beautiful scenery and fresh air of the village gives us a very pleasant experience. During my stay in the village, I love exploring different places with my siblings. We play a lot of games, we hold the trunk of the banyan tree, swing it and play in the water of the rivers and walk on their edges. We go to the fields with our maternal uncle and also ride horses. In the village, life is never boring but full of fun and fun activities. I realize that after coming to the village, I did not watch TV even once, nor did you play games on cell phone. Every day I spend in the village is one of the most memorable days of my life.
Even this year, I plan to visit my grandparents and relatives in the village. Away from the city pollution, seeing the beautiful view of the village and breathing in the fresh air gives us a different joyous experience.

Some advice for planning a summer vacation

Here are some simple but useful tips for planning a summer vacation:
  • Your summer vacation should be planned wisely using various activities, camps and trips.
  • Ensure that your time is not wasted and plans are not delayed.
  • Make a list of your plans and work accordingly.
  • Mark the days on the calendar for the days you are going for a trip or camp.
  • Make a list for activities such as swimming and hiking.
  • Before the end of your vacation, you immediately join interest classes to learn something new.
  • Think about the activities you want to do and try to participate in them during this summer vacation.

Tips for summer vacation

tips for planning a summer vacation
Tips for planning a summer vacation

Here are some tips for planning a summer vacation:
  • Plan a trip: Plan a short trip to your favorite place to relax and revitalize yourself after yearly labor. Choose a new or favorite place to travel and have fun with the family.
  • Summer Camp: Summer vacation is the best time to stay active and enjoy with friends. Do a little research in local newspapers and magazines to learn about the various summer camps and choose the option that best suits your interest.
  • Swimming: Swimming in the cool water of the pool and playing pool games with friends provides a great experience for relaxing and reviving during the summer.
  • Hobby Classes: Try to learn something new and fun. Attend classes that include singing, dancing, painting, photography or whatever activity you are interested in, really try to do whatever you like to do in these holidays.
  • Enjoy nature: During school days we do not find enough time to enjoy the beauty of nature. Summer vacation is the best time to take a long walk in nature and smell the phloo or plan a camp in the local park with siblings and friends.
  • Classic Movies & Shows: If you are spending the holidays at home, you can organize a pajama party, enjoy your favorite classic movies and TV shows.
  • Discover options in the city: Get out of the house and explore your city clubs, art and science museums and parks, etc. If you like shopping, go to the mall or your favorite shopping store with your friends to find out about new collections.
  • Biking: Biking is very fun to enjoy the weather and nature, it is a good exercise for you. You can also go out with your friends riding bikes.

The conclusion

Therefore, instead of wasting holidays at home, you can enjoy them and make it more interesting and enjoyable and get new information.