Using MS Word Review Tab

MS Word Review Tab – In this blog post, we will tell you about the Review Tab of MS Word. You can activate the Review Tab of MS Word by pressing Alt + P from the keyboard. Or you can use it by the mouse also.
MS Word Review Tab
MS Word Review Tab

MS Word Review Tab is divided into several groups. Each group has a task-specific commands. You can use these commands by pressing them with the mouse. Below we will tell you how many groups are there in the review tab? And what is the command of Commands available in each group?

Name and Works of groups of MS Word Review Tab

There are 6 groups in the ms word review tab. They can be seen in the Screen Shot shown above. The name of these groups is Proofing, Comments, Tracking, Changes, Compare and Protect. You are now familiar with the Groups of Review Tab. Let’s now know the work of each group.

Proofing – MS Word Review Tab

The Proofing Group contains a lot of command commands related to the Word document. The most important command is the Spelling & Grammar. By which the Spelling and Grammar related errors in text written in any Word document can be corrected. There is also Thesaurus Command to find synonyms of a word. You can also translate the document into different languages ​​present in MS Word through the Translate command.

Comments- MS Word Review Tab

If you want to write something extra about a particular word or word group available in a Word document. So the command command is used for this.

Tracking- MS Word Review Tab

If you share your system with another user So Tracking Group can work a lot for you. When Tracking is applied to a Word document. So you can learn the editing that happens in the document through Tracking. Whatever changes occur in this document. Word shows them separately. If a single word is edited in your document. Tracking it also shows you It works a lot on Command Multi user Systems.

Changes- MS Word Review Tab

Changes Group is used to Accept and Reject the changes in the document. For this purpose it has Accept and Reject Commands. Accept (meaning adding changes to the document) is done by accepting the changes in the document through Accept Command. And by reject command, changes are not included in the document.

Compare- MS Word Review Tab

If you have more than one version of a type of document. And you are confused which document is more effective? What is in Document 1 and in Document 2? So Compare Command you can easily do this task. By comparison, you can compare two documents of the same one.

Protect- MS Word Review Tab

With Protect Command, you can protect the formatting done in the document. You can limit the editing in the document by using the password. And you can make your document readable only for the user. After entering the password, no other person can change in that document.

What have you learned?

In this blog post we have explained to you about the review tab of MS Word in detail. You also need to know about the work of each group available in the MS Word Review Tab. We hope that you will be able to use the Review Tab easily after reading this lesson. And this lesson will prove useful to you.