Using MS Word Page Layout Tab

MS Word Page Layout Tab – In this Lesson we will tell you about the Page Layout Tab of MS Word. You can activate the Page Layout Tab of MS Word by pressing Alt + P from the keyboard. Or you can use it by the mouse also.
MS Word Page Layout Tab
MS Word Page Layout Tab
The Page Layout Tab is divided into several groups. Each group has a task-specific commands. You can use these commands by pressing them with the mouse. Below we’ll tell you how many groups are there in the Page Layout Tab? And what is the command of Commands available in each group?

Names of MS Word Page Layout Tab groups and their works 

There are 5 groups in the Page Layout Tab. They can be seen in the Screen Shot shown above. These groups are named Themes, Page Setup, Page Background, Paragraph and Arrange respectively. You are now familiar with Groups in the Page Layout Tab. Let’s now know the work of each group.

Themes – MS Word Page Layout Tab

Themes are applied to Word Documents in the Themes group. Word already has many themes. In each theme, Font, Font Style is set differently. You can choose themes according to your requirement. You can also modify that theme according to your need. Or you can create a new theme for yourself.

Page Setup – MS Word Page Layout Tab

In the Page Setup Group, there are commands related to the settings of the Page Margins, Orientation, Size, Columns, etc. of the Word document. Apart from these, the settings of Hyphenation, Line Number, and Page Breaks are done by the Commands available in this group. Like HTML editors, with Line Number Command, Word can also type the number of each of the numbers in the Documents.

Page Background – MS Word Page Layout Tab

Formatting the background of Word Documents is done by the Commands available in this group. It has three commands for the formatting of the page background. Which is Watermark, Page Color and Page Border respectively. In MS Word, you can also create Watermarks in the page, and you can also add Custom Watermark. If you want you can use your name or your photo as a watermark too. The color of the page is changed by Page Color. And by the Page Border, the border is placed around Page.

Paragraph – MS Word Page Layout Tab

A Paragraph Group is also in the Home Word of MS Word. But, this paragraph happens to him completely different work. By this, you can set the Indent and Spacing of each paragraph available in a Word document. You set the Indent in the Left and Right direction. Meaning you want to put a particular paragraph in the left. Or how much right you want to keep. Spacing is done exactly like this. But the spacing sets you from the top to the bottom.

Arrange – MS Word Page Layout Tab

Arrange Group is used to arrange Insert Graphics in Word Documents. You can do the settings of the picture position, its Alignment, Grouping etc. by the commands present in this group. Apart from this, Word Wrapping’s settings can also be done from Arrange Group.

What have you learned?

In this lesson, we have explained to you about the Word Layout Tab of MS Word in detail. You also need to know about the work of each group available in the Page Layout Tab. We hope you will be able to use the Page Layout Tab easily after reading this lesson. And this lesson will prove useful to you.