Using MS Word Mailings Tab

MS Word Mailings Tab – In this lesson, we will tell you about the Mailings Tab of MS Word. You can activate the Mailings Tab of MS Word by pressing Alt + M from the keyboard. Or you can use it by the mouse also.
MS Word Mailings Tab
MS Word Mailings Tab
The Mailings Tab is divided into several groups. Each group has a special command-related command. You can use these commands through the mouse. Below we will tell you how many groups are there in the Mailings Tab? And what are the functions of Commands available in each group?

Name and work of Group of MS Word Mailings Tab

There are 5 groups in the Mailings Tab. They can be seen in the Screen Shot shown above. These groups are named Create, Write and Insert Fields, Review Results, and Finish respectively. You are now familiar with the groups of mailings Tab. Let’s now know the work of each group.
Note: Mailings Tab has only one main function. Send mail, envelope, label, etc. to multiple people at once. We have to merge mail in MS Word for this purpose. And every group in this tab is dependent on each other. Therefore it is not easy to study them separately. Yet we have tried a lot to explain to you. So that you get the basic information about Mailings Tab.

1. Create – MS Word Mailings Tab

Through this group you can create Envelopes and Lables in the document. Like, Mailing Address Labels, File Folder Labels etc.

2. Start Mail Merge – MS Word Mailings Tab

Process of Mail Merge begins with this group And to whom you want to send mail. Can add them. That is, the Recipients List can Create, Edit, Delete.

3. Write & Insert Fields – MS Word Mailings Tab

When you finish the work of both the above groups Then this group comes in handy. Otherwise you can not use this group separately. Because its commands are not active. Through this group you can insert Extra Fields in your Mail, block a particular Mailing Address. And you can add the Greeting Line. And you can do all these tasks separately for each recipient.

4. Preview Results – MS Word Mailings Tab

When your Mail Merge is done, you can see the preview of your work, even if you have commands in this group.

5. Finish – MS Word Mailings Tab

By this group you end the Mail Merge process.
What have you learned?
In this lesson we have given you detailed information about MS Word’s Mailings Tab. You also have to know about the work of each group available in the Mailings Tab. We hope you will be able to use the Mailings Tab easily after reading this lesson. And this lesson will prove useful to you.