Using MS PowerPoint Insert Tab

MS PowerPoint Insert Tab – In this Lesson we will tell you about the Insert Tab of MS PowerPoint. Insert Tab of MS PowerPoint You can activate by pressing Alt + N from the keyboard. Or you can use it by the mouse also.

MS PowerPoint Insert Tab
MS PowerPoint Insert Tab

Insert Tab is divided into several groups. Each group has a task-specific commands. You can use these commands by pressing them with the mouse. Below we will tell you how many groups are there in the Insert Tab? And what is the command of Commands available in each group?

Names of MS PowerPoint Insert Tab and their works

There are 5 groups in the Insert Tab. They can be seen in the Screen Shot shown above. The names of these groups are respectively Tables, Illustrations, Links, Text and Media Clips. You are now familiar with the groups of Insert Tab. Let’s now know the work of each group.

Table – MS PowerPoint Insert Tab

Table Group is used to make Table Insert in PowerPoint Presentations. There are many options available in this group for Table Insert. You can do Table Insert by typing the number of columns and rows. Or you can also do a Table Draw for yourself. You can insert Excel Spreadsheets in PowerPoint presentations if you want.

Illustrations – MS PowerPoint Insert Tab

Commands available in the Illustrations Group are used to insert Graphics Insert in PowerPoint Presentations. You can insert different types of Graphics Slides by the Commands available in Illustrations Group. You can insert pictures, clip art, photo album, shapes, charts, etc. in the slides.

Links – MS PowerPoint Insert Tab

If you want to insert the link in PowerPoint Presentations. So the commands available in the Links Group are used. You can insert 2 types of links in PowerPoint presentations. Simple Links (Hyperlink), Second Action Link Actions are defined by the Action Link in the Slides that actions are done by the mouse click and mouse hover above a particular word.

Text – MS PowerPoint Insert Tab

Different types of text inserts are done in PowerPoint Presentations by the Commands available in Text Group. You can insert Text Box, WordArt, Date & Time Slide Number etc. in Text Slides. You are used to insert Header and Footer commands in the Presentation Header and Footer. You can add things like Date, Slide No, etc. as Header & Footer. If you want, you can insert your own name in the Header & Footer too. Apart from these, you can also insert symbols in the Slides. Symbol Command is used for this.

Media Clips – MS PowerPoint Insert Tab

There are two commands in the Media Clips Group. Animated Clip Arts is inserted into the PowerPoint Presentations with the first Command Movie. And the second file is inserted through the Command Sound.

What have you learned?

In this lesson we have explained to you about MS PowerPoint’s Insert Tab in detail. You also need to know about the work of each group available in the Insert Tab. We hope you will be able to use Insert Tab easily after reading this lesson. And this lesson will prove useful to you.