What is MS Excel?

If you have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer, here are some general instructions on how to open it:


1. Start Menu:
Click on the “Start” button in the bottom-left corner of your screen.
Scroll through the list of installed applications.
Look for “Microsoft Excel” and click on it.
On Windows - Start Menu - Search Bar - Desktop Shortcut - On Mac - Dock - Applications Folder - Microsoft 365 or Office Online
MS Excel
2. Search Bar:
Type “Excel” in the search bar located next to the Start button.
Click on the Excel application in the search results.
3. Desktop Shortcut:
If you have a desktop shortcut for Excel, double-click on it.


1. Dock:
Look for the Excel icon in your Dock (the row of icons at the bottom of the screen).
Click on the Excel icon.

2. Applications Folder:
Open the “Applications” folder.
Look for “Microsoft Excel” in the list of applications and double-click on it.
3. Spotlight Search:
Press `Command + Space` to open Spotlight Search.
Type “Excel” and press `Return` to launch Excel.

Online (Microsoft 365 or Office Online):

If you are using Microsoft 365 or Office Online, you can access Excel through a web browser:
1. Go to the Microsoft 365 or Office Online website.
2. Sign in with your Microsoft account.
3. Locate and click on the Excel icon to open Excel in your web browser.
These are general steps, and the specific details might vary depending on your version of the operating system and the version of Microsoft Excel you have installed. If you encounter any difficulties or have a specific version in mind, feel free to ask for more detailed instructions.