MS Excel Formulas Tab:

The “Formulas” tab in Microsoft Excel provides a range of tools and functions for working with formulas and functions in your spreadsheet. 
Here’s an overview of the key features available in the “Formulas” tab:

1. Function Library:

Insert Function: Opens the “Insert Function” dialog box, allowing you to search for and insert a specific function into a cell.
AutoSum: Provides quick access to common functions like SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, and more.
Function Library - Defined Names - Formula Auditing - Calculation - Key features available in the Formulas tab
MS Excel Formulas Tab

2. Defined Names:

Define Name: Enables you to define and manage named ranges in your workbook.

3. Formula Auditing:

Trace Precedents: Shows arrows pointing to cells that are referred to in the formula of the selected cell.
Trace Dependents: Shows arrows pointing from the selected cell to cells that depend on the selected cell.
Remove Arrows: Clears the arrows created by the Trace Precedents or Trace Dependents commands.
Show Formulas: Displays all formulas in the worksheet instead of their calculated results.

4. Calculation:

Calculation Options: Allows you to control the calculation mode, including Automatic, Manual, or options related to workbook calculation.
Calculate Now: Manually calculates all open workbooks.
Calculate Sheet: Manually calculates the active sheet.
Calculate Workbook: Manually calculates the entire workbook.

5. Formula Auditing:

Error Checking: Provides tools for checking for errors in formulas and offers options to correct them.
Evaluate Formula: Allows you to step through the evaluation of a formula, showing the intermediate results.

6. Workbook Views:

Normal: Switches to the normal view of the workbook.
Page Layout: Switches to Page Layout view, allowing you to see how the document will be printed.
Page Break Preview: Switches to Page Break Preview, showing page breaks and allowing you to adjust them.

7. Show/Hide:

Show Formulas: Toggles between displaying formula results and showing the actual formulas in cells.
Show/Hide Comment: Displays or hides cell comments.
Show/Hide Workbook Connections: Displays or hides connections to external data sources.

8. Calculation Options:

Automatic: Sets Excel to recalculate formulas automatically.
Manual: Sets Excel to recalculate formulas only when you press the “Calculate Now” button.
These features in the “Formulas” tab are designed to help you work with formulas, functions, and cell references more effectively in Microsoft Excel. They are particularly useful for auditing and troubleshooting complex spreadsheets.