Microsoft Office Button:

The “Microsoft Office Button” was a feature in older versions of Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, prior to Office 2010. In Office 2010 and later versions, this button was replaced by the “File” tab. The purpose of the Microsoft Office Button was to provide a centralized location for accessing document-related commands and options.
Here’s a brief overview of the Microsoft Office Button and its functions:

1. Location:

The Microsoft Office Button was located in the upper-left corner of the Office applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Location - Functions - Options - Document Properties - Brief overview of the Microsoft Office Button and its functions
Microsoft Office Button

2. Functions:

Clicking on the Office Button would open a menu with options for working with the document, including creating a new document, opening an existing document, saving the document, printing, and accessing application options.

3. Options:

The menu provided access to various options and commands related to the document and the application itself. This is where you could find commands like “Save As,” “Print Preview,” and “Word Options” (or equivalent options for other Office applications).

4. Document Properties:

The Office Button also displayed information about the currently opened document, such as document properties and recent documents.
With the introduction of Office 2010, Microsoft transitioned from the Office Button to the “File” tab. The File tab serves a similar purpose by providing access to document-related commands and options, but in a more visually intuitive and tabbed format.
If you’re using a version of Microsoft Office released in 2010 or later, you won’t find the Office Button, but you’ll see the “File” tab instead. The functions are largely the same, but the user interface has been updated for a more streamlined experience.