Khelo India School Games

Khelo India School Games is a national-level multidisciplinary grassroots sports program in India. It was launched by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, with the aim of encouraging sports participation among school students and identifying and nurturing young sporting talents across the country. The initiative is part of the larger Khelo India program, which encompasses various sporting events and activities to promote sports and fitness at different levels.
What is Khelo India School Games

Key Objectives of Khelo India School Games:

1. Promoting Sports: The primary objective of Khelo India School Games is to promote sports culture among school students and create an environment conducive to sports participation.
2. Identifying Talent: The program aims to identify young sporting talents at the school level and provide them with necessary support and facilities to enhance their skills and compete at higher levels.
3. Infrastructure Development: Khelo India also focuses on developing sports infrastructure in schools, ensuring that students have access to proper training facilities and equipment.
4. Incentives: The initiative provides financial incentives and scholarships to young athletes to encourage them to pursue sports seriously and excel in their chosen disciplines.

Format of Khelo India School Games:

1. Age Groups: The games are open to school students in the under-17 age group. Students from different states and union territories participate in various sporting events.
2. Sports Disciplines: Khelo India School Games cover a wide range of sports disciplines, including athletics, boxing, badminton, basketball, football, hockey, swimming, wrestling, and more. The participants compete in these sports to showcase their talents.
3. Competition and Recognition: The games provide a platform for young athletes to compete at the national level. Exceptional performances often lead to recognition, scholarships, and opportunities for further training and participation in international events.
4. Coaching and Training: Besides competition, the initiative also focuses on providing coaching and training to athletes, helping them improve their skills and performance levels.
Khelo India School Games have significantly contributed to the promotion of sports and the identification of young talents in India. The program not only emphasizes the importance of sports but also supports the holistic development of students by encouraging physical fitness, teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship.