Javascript information

Today, almost all Internet users visit many websites for the purpose of getting entertainment, information or information. But have you ever seen “Enable JavaScript” while browsing in web browser in Chrome, UC Browser, Firefox etc?
If yes, then in that situation you must have thought that what is this javascript? Why is it shown during browsing? And why is it necessary to enable javascript?

What is Javascript?

Javascript is a computer programming language. It is an interpreted / oriented language. Javascript is also known as the client side / server side. With the help of which a dynamic web page is created.
Because it is a scripting language. Therefore, JavaScript code is coded with HTML page only. JavaScript facilitates programming to Web Designers, and JavaScript knowledge is very useful for a web designer.
When a user sends a request to a web page in a browser on the Internet, the computer server attaches the HTML code of that page along with the javascript code to the web browser. After that, the browser shows the need for the user to convert the code into text form when needed.
JavaScript can also be used not only in a browser, but also in creating server programs and cookies in web browsers. Just as HTML’s file extension is .html. In the same way, javascript has a file extensible .js. JavaScript is an open and cross platform that can be used in many operating systems such as Windows, Mac etc.

History of JavaScript

JavaScript was started by a person called “Brendan Eich” as “Netscape Communication”. Today Google is the most popular search engine worldwide, but at that time “Netscape Navigator” was created by Netscape, the world’s best browser. For many years, there has been a spurt in the Internet world. Javascript’s former name was Mocha Live Script. But later Netscape changed its name to Javascript. Inspired by Java, Scheme Self, this language was made. Javascript works in almost all the famous web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. Now the question is, how can we enable JavaScript in a browser?

Where is javascript used?

  • Javascript is called one of the world’s popular programming languages. It is used in preparing a beautiful web page with features such as automation and animation etc.
  • At present we can discover millions of apps on our smartphone. JavaScript has contributed a lot in developing the latest app.
  • Without the use of JavaScript, mobile applications of web context can be created. Because Javascript works on cross platforms. So you can use these apps in Android, iOS etc.
  • JavaScript is also used to create server applications.
  • So at the present time, JavaScript is a fast expanding language that is being used in many areas.

What have you learned?

In this article we have given you full information about javascript. Did you know what JavaScript is like? Who has made javascript? We hope this article will prove useful to you.