Gangajal Delivery Scheme

Indian government has been involved in various initiatives related to the conservation, purification, and distribution of water from the River Ganges, which is considered holy in Hinduism and is also a vital water resource for millions of people.
What is Gangajal Delivery Scheme of Indian Government
One such initiative is the Namami Gange (National Mission for Clean Ganga) program, launched by the Government of India in 2014. Namami Gange is a comprehensive approach to rejuvenate the River Ganges and its tributaries. The program involves various activities such as sewage treatment, afforestation, riverfront development, and public awareness campaigns to ensure the cleanliness and sustainability of the Ganga river system.
If the “Gangajal Delivery Scheme” is a more recent or localized initiative that has been launched after my last update, I recommend checking the official website of the Ministry of Jal Shakti or the relevant state government department for the most recent and detailed information about this scheme. These sources will provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on any specific water delivery schemes related to the River Ganges in India.