Full image of the sun captured for the first time in 50 years, this deep mystery will reveal the curtain!

For the first time, a high resolution image of the Sun has come in front of the world. The spacecraft took about 4 hours to take this image, after which a clear image was taken.

  • Clearest image of the Sun surfaced
  • Solar Orbiter captured the image in 4 hours
  • Finding out about the deep secret of the Sun

Solar Orbiter, launched in February 2020 to unveil the mysteries of the Sun, has captured the first complete image of the Sun. This is the high-resolution image taken so far of the Sun’s outer atmosphere, Corona.
Solar Orbiter was sent to find out the secret of the Sun
According to the news of Metro, the Solar Orbiter, which was sent by the UK Space Agency two years ago to find out the mystery of the Sun, took some shocking pictures of the Sun on 7 March. This picture was taken by extreme ultraviolet imager (EUI).

Clearest image of the Sun ever

The European Space Agency (ESA) said the image was taken by the Spectral Imaging of the Coronal Environment (SPICE) instrument, which represents the first full Sun image of its kind in 50 years. This is the best image ever.
Carolyn Harper, head of space science at the UK Space Agency, said: “This is an exciting thing for Solar Orbiter, which is now even closer to the Sun than Mercury. It is capturing clear images and data about the solar atmosphere.” Is.”

Watching the explosion on the Sun

Let us tell you that seeing the Sun in such detail will help scientists to trace the origin of powerful explosions and other events in the Sun’s surface and its atmosphere. This allows them to better understand how those eruptions on the Sun’s surface contribute to space weather.

It took over four hours to capture the entire image

It took over four hours to capture the entire image taken by EUI as it requires multiple images of different parts of the Sun to be stitched together and the resolution is 10 times better than a 4K TV screen. At the two o’clock and eight o’clock positions on the sides of the Sun, dark colored fibers can be seen projecting away from the surface.
In the SPICE sequence of images, purple corresponds to hydrogen gas at 10,000C, blue to carbon at 32,000C, green to oxygen at 320,000C, yellow to neon at 630,000C. Usually, when you move away from a hot object, the temperature drops, but the temperature of the corona above the sun reaches one lakh degree centigrade while the surface temperature remains only 5 thousand degree centigrade. Exploring this mystery is one of the major scientific objectives of Solar Orbiter, which was launched in February 2020.