Clean my coach

 The “Clean My Coach” service is a part of the Indian Railways’ initiative to maintain cleanliness and hygiene on trains. Passengers can request cleaning services for their train compartments using the “Clean My Coach” service.
What is Clean my coach

Here’s how you can use the service:

1. SMS Service: Passengers can send an SMS to a designated number with their PNR (Passenger Name Record) to request cleaning services. The specific number for this service may vary, so it’s advisable to check with the railway authorities for the correct number to send the SMS.

2. Mobile App: Some railway zones in India offer mobile apps where passengers can log in and request cleaning services for their coach. These apps often have features allowing passengers to provide feedback on the cleanliness of their coach.
3. Onboard Staff: Passengers can also approach the onboard staff, such as the train conductor or coach attendants, to request cleaning services.
When using the “Clean My Coach” service, passengers are encouraged to provide feedback on the cleanliness of their coach after the service has been performed. This feedback loop helps the Indian Railways to maintain and improve the cleanliness standards on trains.