Biography of Chittaranjan Das:

Chittaranjan Das, popularly known as Deshbandhu (meaning “Friend of the Nation”), was an Indian freedom fighter, lawyer, and political leader during the early 20th century. 
Here is a brief biography of Chittaranjan Das:

Early Life:

Birth: Chittaranjan Das was born on November 5, 1870, in Calcutta (now Kolkata), British India.
Education: He studied at the University of Calcutta and later went to England for higher studies, where he studied at the University of London and became a barrister.
Early Life and Legal Career - Political Career and Non-Cooperation Movement - Swaraj Party - Contributions and Legacy of Chittaranjan Das
Chittaranjan Das

Legal Career of Chittaranjan Das:

Return to India: After completing his legal studies, Das returned to India and began his legal practice in Calcutta.
Advocacy for Civil Rights: Das gained a reputation as a lawyer who fought for civil rights and justice.

Political Career:

Indian National Congress: Chittaranjan Das joined the Indian National Congress and became an active participant in the Indian independence movement.
Partition of Bengal (1905): Das played a crucial role in opposing the partition of Bengal in 1905, which was eventually annulled in 1911.

Chittaranjan Das in Non-Cooperation Movement:

Gandhi’s Influence: Das was deeply influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and became a strong supporter of the Non-Cooperation Movement.
Resignation from Legal Practice: He resigned from his lucrative legal practice in 1920 to fully commit himself to the cause of India’s independence.

Swaraj Party:

Formation: In 1922, along with Motilal Nehru, Das founded the Swaraj Party within the Indian National Congress. The party aimed to contest elections and agitate for self-rule.

Deshbandhu’s Death:

Passing: Chittaranjan Das passed away on June 16, 1925, at the age of 54.
Legacy: Das was posthumously given the title “Deshbandhu” in recognition of his selfless service to the nation.

Contributions and Legacy of Chittaranjan Das:

Legal Luminary: Chittaranjan Das was a renowned barrister known for his commitment to justice and civil liberties.
Political Leader: He played a crucial role in Indian politics, advocating for self-rule and the rights of the Indian people.
Swaraj Party: Das’s role in the Swaraj Party demonstrated his commitment to constitutional methods for achieving political goals.
Chittaranjan Das remains an influential figure in the history of India’s struggle for independence. His legacy is commemorated through various institutions and landmarks named after him, and he is remembered as Deshbandhu for his selfless dedication to the nation.