What was the Boston tea party event?

The British Parliament enacted a new law in relation to the trade of tea. According to this law, East India Company was allowed to send tea to America. The price was reduced to increase the tea trade. As a result, Americans used to get cheap tea and the East India Company also got financial benefits. But the American colonists considered it a trick of the British government. He thought that if the Parliament would establish a monopoly on business matters, it would harm the business of the colonies. Some ships of the East India Company were stationed in Boston harbor. Boston citizens looted the ships and dumped about 342 tea boxes into the sea. This is called the “Boston tea-party incident”.
Boston tea party
Boston tea party

Boston tea-party event results

The incident caused excitement in England. The British Parliament supported the policy of repression and passed the Massachusetts Act. By this law, the British military commander was made the governor of the American provinces. The port of Boston was closed for all types of commerce. According to the Quebec Act, the Canadian border was extended to the Ohio River. Roman Catholics were given special facilities. The Puritans suffered and were satisfied with the preservation of the Catholic Church.
The British government’s repression policy adversely affected the colonies. They got organized among themselves. On 5 September 1774 AD, the first congress meeting was held in Philadelphia. The colonists prepared a manifesto of their rights. The British Parliament demanded the abolition of transnational laws. Proposal to stop import-export with Britain approved. Lord North proposed a settlement with the colonies, but by the time Lord North’s proposal came late, war had been declared. The same goes for the freedom struggle of America.