Biography of Varahamihira

Varahamihira, also known as Varaha Mihira, was an ancient Indian astronomer, mathematician, and astrologer who lived around 505-587 CE. He was one of the most influential scholars in the field of astronomy and astrology during the classical period of Indian history. Here is a brief biography of Varahamihira:
Early Life - Contributions to Astronomy and Astrology - Legacy and death of Varahamihira
Biography of Varahamihira

Early Life of Varahamihira:

Varahamihira was born in Ujjain, which was a renowned center of learning and cultural activity in ancient India. He was a member of the influential school of scholars in Ujjain and received a comprehensive education in various fields of knowledge.

Varahamihira’s Contributions to Astronomy:

Varahamihira made significant contributions to the field of astronomy. His most famous work, the “Pancha Siddhantika,” is a compilation of five astronomical schools, which includes the Surya Siddhanta, an ancient text on astronomy. He studied the movement of celestial bodies and made calculations related to eclipses, planetary positions, and the measurement of time.

Contributions to Astrology:

Varahamihira was also a renowned astrologer. His work “Brihat Samhita” is a comprehensive treatise on various subjects, including astrology, meteorology, architecture, agriculture, and gemology. It is considered one of the foundational texts in Vedic astrology and provides valuable insights into ancient Indian beliefs and practices related to astrology.


Varahamihira’s contributions to astronomy and astrology had a lasting impact on the development of these fields in India. His works were widely studied and respected, and they influenced subsequent generations of scholars and practitioners. Even today, his texts are referred to in the study of traditional Indian astronomy and astrology.

Death of Varahamihira

This great scientist died in AD 587. After the death of Varah Mihir, the astrologer Mathematician Brahma Gupta (Scripture- Brahmosut theory, Khand Food), Lall (Lall Theory), the son of Varah Mihir, Vidyasasha (Horatesh Panchsheika) and Chaturveda Paradigak Swamy, Bhattottapan, Shreepati, Brahmadeva etc. Written texts on texts written.

Historical Significance:

Varahamihira’s works reflect the advanced state of scientific knowledge and intellectual achievements in ancient India. His meticulous observations and calculations contributed to the understanding of the cosmos in his time and laid the foundation for future developments in astronomy and astrology.
Varahamihira’s legacy endures through his writings, which continue to be studied by scholars interested in the history of science and astrology in India. His contributions to the field of astronomy and astrology remain highly regarded in the academic and astrological communities.

Fact about Varahamihira

  •     The famous astronomer Varahmihir of the Gupta period.
  •     His famous books ‘Vrhatanshita’ and ‘Panchsiddhantika’.
  •     Growth is described in topics such as constellation, botany, natural history, and physical geography.
  •     According to Rai-Chaudhary, there may also be irek outlined in the vast majority of the era.