Biography of Taraknath Das:

Taraknath Das, also known as Tarak Nath Das, was an Indian nationalist, scholar, and activist for India’s independence. He was born on June 15, 1884, in Kanchrapara, Bengal Presidency, British India (now in West Bengal, India), and he passed away on December 22, 1958.
Early Life and Education - Academic Career - Political Activism - Legacy - Later Life of Taraknath Das
Biography of Taraknath Das

Early Life and Education:

Taraknath Das belonged to a middle-class Bengali family. He completed his early education in India and later went to England for higher studies. In 1906, he received a scholarship to study at the University of Washington in the United States.

Taraknath Das’s Political Activism:

1. Anti-British Activism in the United States: While in the United States, Das became actively involved in the Indian independence movement. He co-founded the Indian Independence League in North America and worked to raise awareness about India’s struggle against British colonial rule.
2. Komagata Maru Incident: Das played a significant role in the Komagata Maru incident in 1914. He organized protests against the Canadian government’s discriminatory treatment of Indian immigrants on the Komagata Maru ship, which had been denied entry into Canada.

Academic Career:

1. Academic Achievements: Taraknath Das pursued higher studies in political science, economics, and sociology. He obtained a master’s degree from Clark University in Massachusetts.
2. Author and Scholar: Das wrote extensively on Indian political and economic issues. He authored several books, including “The Problem of the Pacific and the New Perils of Asia” and “India’s Problem: Krishna or Christ.”

Return to India:

In 1921, Taraknath Das returned to India and actively participated in the freedom movement. He worked closely with leaders like Subhas Chandra Bose and Jawaharlal Nehru.

Later Life of Taraknath Das:

Taraknath Das spent the latter part of his life teaching and writing. He taught at the University of Calcutta and later at the Benaras Hindu University.


Taraknath Das is remembered for his contributions to the Indian independence movement, his efforts to highlight the challenges faced by Indian immigrants abroad, and his academic work. His role in the Komagata Maru incident and his advocacy for India’s cause in international forums are particularly notable.
Taraknath Das’s life and work are a testament to his commitment to India’s freedom and his efforts to bring attention to the issues faced by the Indian diaspora around the world.