Biography of Tabu:

Tabu, whose full name is Tabassum Fatima Hashmi, is a highly acclaimed Indian actress known for her versatile performances in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, and Bengali cinema. 
Here is a brief biography of Tabu:

Early Life:

1. Birth:
Tabu was born on November 4, 1971, in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.
Early Life and Entry into Bollywood - Versatility and Critical Acclaim - Collaborations and Recognition - Personal Life of Tabu
Biography of Tabu
2. Family Background:
She comes from a family with connections to the entertainment industry. Her mother, Rizwana, was a school teacher, and her younger sister, Farah Naaz, is also an actress.

Entry into Bollywood:

1. Debut:
Tabu made her acting debut in Bollywood with the film “Prem” in 1995.

2. Breakthrough Role:

Her breakthrough role came with the film “Vijaypath” (1994), for which she received the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut.

Versatility and Critical Acclaim:

1. Versatile Roles:
Tabu is known for her versatility and has portrayed a wide range of characters, from intense and dramatic roles to lighthearted and comedic ones.
2. Critical Acclaim:
She has received critical acclaim for her performances in films like “Maachis” (1996), “Virasat” (1997), “Chandni Bar” (2001), “Maqbool” (2003), and “Haider” (2014), among others.
3. National Film Awards:
Tabu has won the National Film Award for Best Actress twice, first for “Maachis” (1996) and later for “Chandni Bar” (2001).

Collaborations and Recognition:

1. Collaboration with Directors:
Tabu has collaborated with several acclaimed directors, including Gulzar, Vishal Bhardwaj, and Madhur Bhandarkar.
2. International Recognition:
Her work has received international recognition, and she has been part of films that have been showcased at international film festivals.

Notable Films:

1. Maachis (1996):
Tabu’s performance in “Maachis” earned her widespread praise and marked her as a talent to watch.
2. Chandni Bar (2001):
“Chandni Bar” brought her a National Film Award for Best Actress for her powerful portrayal of a woman struggling in the underworld.
3. Maqbool (2003):
In “Maqbool,” an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Tabu delivered a standout performance.
4. Haider (2014):
Her role in “Haider,” another collaboration with Vishal Bhardwaj, received critical acclaim.
5. Andhadhun (2018):
Tabu’s performance in the black comedy crime thriller “Andhadhun” was widely praised, earning her several awards.

Personal Life:

1. Private Persona:
Tabu is known for maintaining a private personal life and has often kept details about her personal relationships away from the public eye.
2. Close Friendship with Ajay Devgn:
Tabu shares a close friendship with actor Ajay Devgn, and they have appeared together in several films.

Awards and Honors:

1. Filmfare Awards:
Tabu has received several Filmfare Awards for her performances, showcasing her consistent excellence in acting.
2. Padma Shri:
In 2011, she was honored with the Padma Shri, one of the highest civilian awards in India, for her contributions to the field of cinema.
Tabu continues to be one of the most respected and talented actresses in the Indian film industry, known for her ability to bring depth and authenticity to her characters.