Biography of Surdas

Surdas, also known as Sant Surdas, was a celebrated 15th-century saint, poet, and musician in India. He is renowned for his devotional songs, especially those dedicated to Lord Krishna. While precise details about his life are often blurred between fact and folklore, his significant contributions to the Bhakti movement are widely acknowledged.
Biography of Surdas
Biography of Surdas

Early Life of Surdas:

Surdas was born in 1478 in Sihi, a village near Delhi, India. He was blind from birth. Despite his visual impairment, he exhibited a keen interest in spirituality and music from a young age. Surdas devoted his life to the worship of Lord Krishna and the composition of devotional poetry and songs.

Surdas Life as a Poet and Musician:

Surdas’ poetic compositions, written in Braj Bhasha, a medieval form of Hindi, are collected in the “Sursagar,” a compilation of his verses. He wrote extensively about Lord Krishna’s childhood and youth, expressing deep devotion and love for the divine. His poems and songs are rich in metaphor, describing the divine love between Radha and Krishna, themes that are central to the Bhakti movement.
Surdas’ works are not only revered for their spiritual depth but also for their musical beauty. He was a talented musician, known for his soul-stirring compositions, which are still sung and appreciated in various parts of India.

Compositions of Surdas:

The following five texts are mentioned in Surdas’s compositions –
1. Sursagar
2. Sunflower
3. Literature
4. Nal-Damayanti
5. Marry

Surdas’s Legacy:

Surdas’ impact on the Bhakti movement, which emphasized a personal, loving relationship with the divine, is immeasurable. His poetry has inspired countless devotees and musicians over centuries. His songs continue to be sung in classical and folk traditions, preserving his legacy in the cultural fabric of India.
Surdas’ life and work exemplify the power of devotion and the ability of a devoted heart to overcome physical limitations. While the historical accuracy of specific events in his life remains uncertain, the enduring influence of his poetry and music attests to his profound spiritual insight and artistic brilliance.

Death of Surdas:

Surdas died in the year 1580 AD. Surdas had a life span of “from the year 1478 to the year 1580” i.e. a total of 102 years. During his long life span, Surdas wrote many texts and composed poetry. Surdas’s life was devoted to Krishna devotion.

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