Biography of Siyaram Sharan Gupt:

Siyaram Sharan Gupt was a renowned Hindi poet, freedom fighter, and social worker in India. He was born on August 7, 1896, in Mahagaon, a village in the Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh. Gupt was a prominent figure in the Chhayavaad literary movement, which emphasized the beauty of nature, love, and human emotions. 
Early Life and Literary Career - Chhayavaad Movement and Legacy - Awards and Recognition to Siyaram Sharan Gupt
Biography of Siyaram Sharan Gupt
Here is a brief biography of Siyaram Sharan Gupt:

Early Life:

Siyaram Sharan Gupt was born into a Brahmin family with a rich literary and cultural background. He showed an inclination towards poetry from a young age and was deeply influenced by the works of renowned poets like Tulsidas and Kabir.

Siyaram Sharan Gupt’s Literary Career:

Gupt’s poetry often reflected his deep love for nature and his concern for social issues. He composed several volumes of poetry, essays, and plays, earning recognition for his literary contributions. Some of his notable works include “Saket,” “Yashodhara,” and “Ankahee.”

Chhayavaad Movement:

Gupt was associated with the Chhayavaad movement, a literary and cultural movement in Hindi poetry during the early to mid-20th century. Chhayavaad poets celebrated beauty, romance, and human emotions, exploring themes of love and spirituality in their works. Gupt’s poems were characterized by their lyrical style and emotional depth, making him one of the prominent poets of the movement.

Social and Political Contributions of Siyaram Sharan Gupt:

Apart from his literary pursuits, Gupt actively participated in the Indian freedom movement against British colonial rule. He was deeply involved in social and political causes, advocating for the welfare of the society.

Awards and Recognition:

Siyaram Sharan Gupt received several honors and awards for his literary contributions. He was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1958 for his poetry collection “Saket.”


Siyaram Sharan Gupt’s poetry continues to be celebrated in the literary world. His works have been widely translated into various languages, contributing to the rich tapestry of Indian literature. He is remembered for his eloquence, emotional depth, and contributions to the Chhayavaad literary movement, leaving behind a legacy that inspires poets and readers alike.