Biography of Sitara Devi:

Sitara Devi, born as Dhannolakshmi in Kolkata, India, on November 8, 1920, was a legendary Indian classical dancer, primarily known for her contributions to Kathak, a traditional dance form. She was one of the foremost Kathak dancers in the country and earned recognition for her artistry, skill, and captivating performances. 
Early Life and Introduction to Dance - Recognition and Honors - Personal Life of Sitara Devi
Biography of Sitara Devi
Here is a brief biography of Sitara Devi:

Early Life of Sitara Devi:

Sitara Devi was born into a family with a rich cultural background. Her father, Sukhadev Maharaj, was a Brahmin scholar, and her mother Matsya Kumari, came from a family of Vaishnavite singers and musicians.
She was the youngest of three daughters, and her sisters were also accomplished dancers.
Parada Kahanee

Introduction to Dance:

Sitara Devi’s introduction to dance happened at an early age. Her mother Matsya Kumari was her first guru, and she began learning Kathak under her guidance.
Later, she trained under various renowned gurus, including her uncle Pt. Chotelal, Pt. Sukhdev Maharaj, and the famous Achhan Maharaj.

Sitara Devi’s Career and Achievements:

Sitara Devi started performing on stage at the age of 10 and quickly gained recognition for her exceptional talent. Her performances were marked by incredible footwork, expressive gestures, and a unique style that blended traditional elements with her own innovations.
She performed extensively in India and around the world, earning acclaim for her mesmerizing Kathak performances.
Sitara Devi was known for her versatility and mastery in various aspects of Kathak, including thumri, dadra, and tappa.
Her artistry earned her the title of “Nritya Samragini” (Empress of Dance).

Contribution to Kathak:

Sitara Devi played a crucial role in popularizing and preserving Kathak as a classical dance form. Her performances showcased the essence of Kathak, combining technical precision with emotive storytelling.

Recognition and Honors:

She received numerous awards and honors during her illustrious career, including the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, the Kalidas Samman, and the Padma Shri.

Personal Life of Sitara Devi:

Sitara Devi’s personal life was marked by her marriages and relationships, including her marriage to celebrated film director K. Asif.


Sitara Devi’s legacy lives on through her contributions to Kathak and Indian classical dance. Her impact on the art form is recognized, and she remains an inspiration for generations of dancers.


Sitara Devi passed away on November 25, 2014, leaving behind a rich legacy and a significant contribution to the world of classical dance in India.