Biography of Simon Wiesenthal:

Simon Wiesenthal (1908-2005) was an Austrian Holocaust survivor, Nazi hunter, and renowned human rights activist. His tireless efforts to bring Nazi war criminals to justice and his dedication to preserving the memory of the Holocaust made him a prominent figure in the post-World War II era. 
Here is a brief biography of Simon Wiesenthal:

Early Life:

Birth: Simon Wiesenthal was born on December 31, 1908, in Buczacz, Galicia, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Buchach, Ukraine).
Education: He studied architectural engineering in Prague before World War II.
Early Life - World War II and Holocaust - Post-War Period - Nazi Hunter and Activism - Legacy and Death of Simon Wiesenthal
Biography of Simon Wiesenthal

World War II and Holocaust:

Internment: Wiesenthal was arrested by the Nazis and interned in various concentration camps during World War II, including Janowska, Plaszow, and Mauthausen.
Survival: He miraculously survived the Holocaust, enduring extreme conditions and near-death experiences.

Simon Wiesenthal’s Post-War Period:

Liberation: Wiesenthal was liberated from Mauthausen by the United States Army in 1945.
Search for Family: After the war, he learned that most of his family had perished in the Holocaust.

Nazi Hunter and Activism:

Documentation Center: In 1947, Wiesenthal established the Jewish Historical Documentation Center in Linz, Austria, to gather evidence for future trials.
Assisting Allied Authorities: He provided information to the Allied authorities during the Nuremberg Trials.
Nazi Hunting: After the trials, Wiesenthal dedicated his life to tracking down and bringing Nazi war criminals to justice. He played a key role in locating Adolf Eichmann, one of the architects of the Holocaust, who was captured in Argentina in 1960.


Documentation: Wiesenthal’s work led to the identification and prosecution of numerous war criminals, ensuring that they faced justice for their crimes.
Simon Wiesenthal Center: In 1977, he founded the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, dedicated to Holocaust education, human rights, and combating anti-Semitism.
Honors: Wiesenthal received numerous awards for his humanitarian efforts, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2000.

Death of Simon Wiesenthal:

Simon Wiesenthal passed away on September 20, 2005, in Vienna, Austria, at the age of 96.
Simon Wiesenthal’s contributions to the pursuit of justice, Holocaust remembrance, and human rights have left an indelible mark. His legacy lives on through the ongoing work of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the collective efforts to remember the atrocities of the Holocaust.