Biography of Ramesh Chandra Dutt:

I believe there might be a confusion in the name. If you are referring to Ramesh Chunder Dutt, he was an Indian civil servant and economic historian. 
Here is a brief biography of Ramesh Chunder Dutt:

Early Life:

Birth: Ramesh Chunder Dutt was born on August 12, 1848, in Sylhet, Bengal Presidency, British India.
Education: He pursued his education at the University of Calcutta and later at the University of London.
Early Life and Career - Economic Historian - Published Works and Political Thought - Death of Ramesh Chandra Dutt
Biography of Ramesh Chandra Dutt

Ramesh Chandra Dutt’s Career:

Ramesh Chunder Dutt entered the Indian Civil Service in 1869.
He held various administrative positions during his career, including magistrate and collector.

Economic Historian:

Apart from his administrative career, Ramesh Chunder Dutt made significant contributions to economic history and literature.
He wrote extensively on economic and historical subjects, with a focus on India’s economic history during ancient and medieval times.

Published Works of Ramesh Chandra Dutt:

One of his notable works is “The Economic History of India under Early British Rule,” published in 1902. In this book, he examined the economic impact of British rule in India.

Political Thought:

Ramesh Chunder Dutt was associated with the political and economic debates of his time. He provided insights into the economic conditions of India and the effects of British policies.

Death of Ramesh Chandra Dutt:

Ramesh Chunder Dutt passed away on November 30, 1909, in London, United Kingdom.
Ramesh Chunder Dutt’s contributions to economic history and his perspectives on British rule in India continue to be studied and referenced in the fields of economic and historical research. His works provide valuable insights into the economic conditions of India during different historical periods.