Biography of Pabuji Rathod

Pabuji Rathod, also known as Pabuji, is a legendary folk hero and a revered figure in the oral traditions of Rajasthan, India. He is a hero of the Bhopa and Bhopi community, traditional priests and storytellers who narrate the epic ballad of Pabuji. The story of Pabuji is part of the rich Rajasthani folklore and is celebrated through devotional songs, paintings, and oral traditions.

As Legend of Pabuji - Hill of Pabuji Rathod - Oral Tradition of Pabuji Rathod  and Pabuji Rathod Legacy
Pabuji Rathod

Pabuji Rathod as Legend of Pabuji:

The legend of Pabuji revolves around his loyalty, bravery, and divine powers. According to the folklore, Pabuji Rathod was a Rajput prince and a devotee of the folk deity Devnarayan. He is believed to have lived in the 14th century in the Marwar region of Rajasthan.
The story narrates the heroic deeds of Pabuji, including his efforts to protect his cattle, uphold justice, and fight against evil forces. One of the central episodes of the legend involves the miraculous saving of his cows from the demon-goddess Rani Padmini, who seeks to take them away.

Oral Tradition of Pabuji Rathod:

The epic ballad of Pabuji is traditionally performed by Bhopa and Bhopi, the hereditary priests and singers. They recite the story through a series of songs, accompanied by a painted scroll known as “Phad.” The Phad paintings depict various scenes from the legend of Pabuji, and the Bhopas sing and narrate the corresponding episodes, making it a captivating and immersive storytelling experience.

Hill of Pabuji Rathod

‘Pavdade’ (song) is sung in the procession of Pabuji and the funeral is also held on completion of the grace. ‘Pabuji ki Fad’ is well known throughout Rajasthan, which is known as Bhoops. These hawks are especially of the Thori caste. On the cloth cloth is a painting with pictures of Pabuji’s life affair. Bhoopo Pabuji’s life story is called through these pictures and also sings the song. There is also a woman with these snacks, after singing the songs of Bhoop singing songs of rhythms by singing the rhythm of Pabuji. They also dance in front of the flute. These songs are sung on Ravan Hatha, which is a musical instrument like Sarangi. ‘Pabuji ki Phad’ is about 30 feet long and 5 feet wide. This trap is kept wrapped in a bamboo. Apart from Pabuji, the popular flute is ‘Dwaranarayan ji’s Fad’.

Pabuji Rathod Legacy:

The legacy of Pabuji Rathod is deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric of Rajasthan. His story exemplifies valor, righteousness, and devotion, making him a revered figure among the people of the region. The oral traditions of Pabuji continue to be an essential part of Rajasthani folk culture, passed down from generation to generation.

Pabuji Rathod protecting Pabuji’s wedding and cows

Pabuji Rathod was married to the daughter of Sodha Rana Surajmal, resident of Amarkot. To marry, Pabuji had taken his maiden named Kalvi from Deewalji Charan. Pabuji Rathod heard that Jindrao Khanchi, a person named Devlaji Charani, is being kidnapped by cows. Pabuji had promised Devlaji to protect his cows that he would protect his cows. Veergati was saved while protecting Pabuji cows.