Biography of Morarji Desai

Morarji Desai, born on February 29, 1896, and passing away on April 10, 1995, was an Indian independence activist and politician who served as the Prime Minister of India. He was the first non-Congress Prime Minister of India and held office from March 24, 1977, to July 28, 1979. Here’s an overview of his life and political career:
Biography of Morarji Desai
Biography of Morarji Desai

Early Life and Education of Morarji Desai:

Morarji Desai was born in Bhadeli, which is now in the Valsad district of Gujarat, India. He was educated in Bombay (now Mumbai) and qualified as a civil servant. Desai later joined the civil service in Gujarat.

Freedom Struggle and Independence Movement:

Desai was actively involved in India’s struggle for independence against British colonial rule. He participated in various movements and played a crucial role in organizing civil disobedience campaigns. He was arrested multiple times for his involvement in the freedom movement.

Morarji Desai’s Post-Independence Political Career:

After India gained independence in 1947, Morarji Desai joined politics. He became a prominent leader of the Indian National Congress and served as the Chief Minister of Bombay State (now Maharashtra and Gujarat) from 1952 to 1956.
Later, he held several important positions at the national level. He served as the Finance Minister of India from 1959 to 1963 under Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. He implemented several economic policies during his tenure.

Split from Congress and Janata Party:

Morarji Desai had differences with the policies and leadership style of Indira Gandhi, Nehru’s daughter, leading to his split from the Congress party. He joined the Janata Party, a coalition of various anti-Congress parties.

Morarji Desai as Prime Ministership:

In 1977, after the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi was lifted, the Janata Party won the general elections, and Morarji Desai became the Prime Minister of India. He focused on economic and administrative reforms during his term. His government, however, faced internal conflicts and challenges, leading to his resignation in 1979.

Later Life of Morarji Desai:

After his resignation, Morarji Desai retired from active politics. He spent his later years writing and promoting his views on health, yoga, and natural living. He lived a simple and frugal life and was a teetotaler.
Morarji Desai is remembered as a principled leader and a key figure in India’s political landscape. His contributions to the country’s independence movement and his tenure as Prime Minister have left a lasting impact on India’s political history.