Biography of Kartar Singh Duggal:

Kartar Singh Duggal (1917–1988) was an Indian author, civil servant, and diplomat. 
Here is a brief biography:
Early Life: Kartar Singh Duggal was born on March 29, 1917, in Lahore, British India (now in Pakistan).
Early Life and Career - Author and Literary Contributions - Film Connection and Later Years of Kartar Singh Duggal
Biography of Kartar Singh Duggal
Career: Duggal started his career in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and served in various administrative roles. Later, he became a diplomat and represented India at the international level.
Author: Apart from his career in the civil services, Kartar Singh Duggal was a prolific writer. He wrote novels, short stories, and essays. Some of his notable works include “The Chess Players and Other Screenplays,” “Journey to Amity,” and “The Story of Swami Rama Tirtha.”
Literary Contributions: Duggal’s literary works often explored the socio-cultural landscape of India. His writing reflected his observations and experiences.
Film Connection: Kartar Singh Duggal also had a connection with the film industry. He worked as a film censor, and his association with renowned filmmaker Satyajit Ray is notable. “The Chess Players,” a film directed by Satyajit Ray, was based on Duggal’s short story.
Diplomatic Service: Duggal served as India’s ambassador to several countries, including Afghanistan and Brazil.
Later Years: Kartar Singh Duggal continued his literary pursuits alongside his diplomatic and administrative roles. He passed away on October 12, 1988.
Kartar Singh Duggal made significant contributions both in the field of literature and as a representative of India in the diplomatic arena. His works reflect his deep understanding of Indian culture and his engagement with the socio-political issues of his time.