Biography of Josh Malihabadi:

Josh Malihabadi, whose full name is Shabbir Hasan Khan, was a renowned Urdu poet, philosopher, and one of the prominent literary figures in the Indian subcontinent. 
Early Life and Literary Career - Journalism and Activism - Migration to Pakistan - Notable Works - Death of Josh Malihabadi
Biography of Josh Malihabadi
Here is a brief biography of Josh Malihabadi:

Early Life:

1. Birth: Josh Malihabadi was born on December 5, 1894, in Malihabad, near Lucknow, in British India (now in Uttar Pradesh, India).
2. Educational Background: He received his early education in Arabic, Persian, and Urdu. He later studied at the Government Jubilee College in Lucknow.

Literary Career  of Josh Malihabadi:

1. Poetry: Josh Malihabadi began writing poetry at a young age. His poetic work reflects his deep philosophical and intellectual insights.
2. Signature Style: He is known for his powerful and passionate style of poetry, addressing themes of social justice, human rights, and the struggles of the common people.
3. Contribution to Urdu Literature: Josh is considered a major contributor to Urdu literature, particularly in the genre of Urdu Nazm (poetry).

Journalism and Activism:

1. Editorial Work: Josh Malihabadi worked as an editor for various Urdu newspapers and journals, contributing articles on social and political issues.
2. Activism: He was actively involved in the political and social issues of his time, advocating for the rights of the oppressed and marginalized.

Josh Malihabadi’s Migration to Pakistan:

1. Partition: After the partition of India in 1947, Josh migrated to Pakistan.
2. Role in Pakistan: In Pakistan, he continued his literary and journalistic pursuits. He also played a role in the development of the Urdu language in the country.

Notable Works:

1. Shola-i-Gul (The Flames of the Rose): This is one of his notable poetry collections, showcasing his fiery and revolutionary spirit.
2. Harb-i-Muallá (The Battle of Mualla): Another important poetic work that reflects his thoughts on the struggles of the time.


1. Literary Influence: Josh Malihabadi is remembered as one of the literary giants of Urdu literature. His poetry has inspired generations of poets and readers.
2. Awards: He received several awards and honors for his literary contributions.

Death of Josh Malihabadi:

Josh Malihabadi passed away on February 22, 1982, leaving behind a rich legacy of Urdu poetry and a body of work that continues to be celebrated in the literary world.
Josh Malihabadi’s poetry, marked by its revolutionary fervor and commitment to social justice, remains relevant and influential, making him an enduring figure in Urdu literature.