Biography Harishankar Parsai:

Harishankar Parsai (22 August 1924 – 10 August 1995) was an Indian Hindi writer, satirist, and humorist. He is widely regarded as one of the leading literary figures in Hindi literature, particularly known for his satirical and humorous works. 
Here is a brief biography of Harishankar Parsai:

Early Life:

Harishankar Parsai was born on 22 August 1924, in Jamania, a small village in Madhya Pradesh, India.
He had a traditional Indian upbringing and acquired his early education in his hometown.
Early Life and Literary Career - Notable Works - Awards and Recognition - Death of Harishankar Parsai
Biography Harishankar Parsai

Literary Career:

Harishankar Parsai began his literary career as a writer and editor.
He gained prominence for his satirical essays, short stories, and articles, which were characterized by a sharp wit and keen observation of social and political issues.
His writings often tackled the societal norms, hypocrisies, and the political landscape of his time.

Harishankar Parsai’s Notable Works:

Parsai’s most famous works include “Viklaang Shraddha Ka Daur” (The Age of Crippled Faith), “Viklaang Bhojan” (Crippled Meal), and “Satirelekhan.”
His satirical writings were known for their humor, irony, and a deep understanding of human nature.

Social and Political Commentary:

Harishankar Parsai’s satire was not only directed at individuals but also at societal structures and political ideologies.
He used humor as a powerful tool to criticize prevailing social and political issues, making him a prominent voice in the Hindi literary world.

Awards and Recognition to Harishankar Parsai:

He received several awards for his contributions to literature, including the Hindi Academy Award.
His works continue to be studied and appreciated for their literary and satirical significance.


Harishankar Parsai left an indelible mark on Hindi literature with his unique style of satire.
His writings have been a source of inspiration for many writers who followed him, and his legacy continues in the realm of Hindi satire.

Death of Harishankar Parsai:

Harishankar Parsai passed away on 10 August 1995, leaving behind a rich literary legacy.
Harishankar Parsai’s satirical works remain relevant, offering insights into the human condition and societal dynamics. His ability to use humor as a tool for social critique has earned him a lasting place in the annals of Hindi literature.