Biography of Guru Angad:

Guru Angad, also known as Guru Angad Dev Ji, was the second Sikh Guru and a key figure in the development of Sikhism. He succeeded Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, and played a crucial role in furthering the teachings and organizational structure of the Sikh community. 

Early Life and Meeting Guru Nanak - Contributions as Guru - Personal Life - Death and Succession of Guru Angad
Here is a brief biography of Guru Angad:

Early Life:

1. Birth and Childhood:
Guru Angad was born as Lehna on March 31, 1504, in the village of Matte di Sarai, near Muktsar in present-day Punjab, India.

2. Family Background:
He belonged to a Hindu Khatri family and grew up in a devout environment. Before becoming a disciple of Guru Nanak, Lehna was a devoted worshipper of the goddess Durga.

Guru Angad’s Meeting Guru Nanak:

1. Conversion to Sikhism:
Lehna had a transformative encounter with Guru Nanak at the age of 36, which profoundly influenced him. He became a devoted disciple of Guru Nanak, adopting Sikh practices and dedicating himself to the service of the Guru.

Contributions as Guru:

1. Appointment as Guru:
Before his passing, Guru Nanak appointed Guru Angad as his successor. Guru Nanak bestowed upon him the Guruship and renamed him Guru Angad, meaning “One’s very own” or “A part of you.”
2. Consolidation of Sikh Community:
Guru Angad focused on consolidating the Sikh community and spreading the teachings of Guru Nanak. He played a crucial role in organizing the hymns and teachings of Guru Nanak into a more structured form.
3. Introduction of Gurmukhi Script:
Recognizing the need for a standardized script for writing the Punjabi language, Guru Angad introduced the Gurmukhi script. This script later became the medium for transcribing the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scripture of Sikhism.
4. Promotion of Education:
Guru Angad established schools to promote education and learning. He encouraged the Sikh community to become literate in Gurmukhi and contributed to the development of the written tradition within Sikhism.

Personal Life of Guru Angad:

1. Family:
Guru Angad was married to Mata Khivi, and they had two sons, Dasu and Datu, and two daughters, Amro and Anokhi.

Death and Succession:

1. Passing Away:
Guru Angad breathed his last on March 29, 1552, in Khadur Sahib, Punjab.
2. Succession of Gurus:
Before his passing, Guru Angad appointed Guru Amar Das as his successor.


1. Contributions to Sikhism:
Guru Angad is remembered for his contributions to the development of Sikhism, including the promotion of education, the introduction of the Gurmukhi script, and the organizational structure of the Sikh community.
2. Gurpurab:
His birth anniversary is celebrated as Guru Angad Dev Ji Gurpurab, a day of special prayers and commemorations in the Sikh calendar.
Guru Angad’s tenure as the second Sikh Guru was marked by efforts to strengthen the foundations of the Sikh community and ensure the continuation of Guru Nanak’s teachings. His contributions had a lasting impact on the evolution of Sikhism.