Biography of Gene Roddenberry

Biography of Gene Roddenberry
Biography of Gene Roddenberry
• Name: Eugene Wesley Roddenberry.
• Born: August 19, 1921, El Paso, Texas, US .
• Father: Eugene Edward Roddenberry.
• Mother: Caroline “Glenn” (nee Goleman) Roddenberry.
• Wife / Husband: Eileen-Anita Rex Groat, Majal Barrett.

Early life of Gene Roddenberry:

        Eugene Wesley Roddenberry was an American television screenwriter, producer and producer of the original Star Trek television series. Born in El Paso, Texas, Roddenberry grew up in Los Angeles, where his father was a police officer. Roddenberry flew in 89 combat missions in the Army Air Force during World War II, and served as a commercial pilot after the war. Later, he followed in his father’s footsteps and entered the Los Angeles Police Department, where he also began writing scripts for television.
        As a freelance writer, Roddenberry wrote scripts for Highway Patrol, Have Gun-Will Travel and other series before creating and producing his television series The Lieutenant. In 1964, Roddenberry made Star Trek, which premiered in 1966 and ran for three seasons before being canceled. He then worked on other projects, including a string of unsuccessful television pilots. The syndication of Star Trek led to its growing popularity; As a result, Star Trek feature films were produced, on which Roddenberry continued to produce and consult.
        Jean Roddenberry as spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department and Chief William H. in the early 1950s. Worked as a speech writer for Parker as he attempted to gain a foothold in the entertainment industry. Fortunately, LAPD regularly consulted for the police show DrugNet, which gave Roddenberry an opportunity to develop his script writing chops. He earned his first official television credit for an episode of Mr. District Attorney, and over the next decade he wrote for shows such as West Point, Naked City, and Have Gun, Will Travel, for which he won his first Emmy Award.
Star Trek became a surprise success in syndication and eventually led to an animation series (1973–75), a series of theatrical films and three spin-off television series. Roddenberry was a producer on the first film based on the original series, Star Trek – The Motion Picture, which was released in 1979. This was followed by nine more Star Trek motion pictures, with Roddenberry working as an executive consultant on the first three. He was also the executive producer (1987–91) of the sequel television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. In addition, he wrote Star Trek – The Motion Picture: A Novel (1979).
        He then joined Pan American World Airways and worked for four years as a pilot. In this period, he pursued his writing interests by writing courses from ‘University of Miami’ and later ‘Columbia University School of General Studies’.
        In 1949, he quit his pilot job and moved to Los Angeles to pursue television writing. To support his family, he joined the ‘Los Angeles Police Department’, where he worked as a spokesman and speechwriter. He was actively involved in the writing of the TV series ‘Drugnet’, which depicted cases of police officers in the LAPD.
        In 1956, he resigned from the LAPD and started writing full-time as a freelance writer. He wrote for some TV shows such as ‘Highway Patrol’, ‘Have Gun – Will Travel’ and ‘Whiplash’. But, he became dissatisfied and instead began writing new concepts and ideas for television, many of which never made it to the screen.