Biography of Feroze Gandhi:

Feroze Gandhi was an Indian politician and journalist, best known as the husband of Indira Gandhi, who served as the Prime Minister of India. 
Here is a brief biography of Feroze Gandhi:

Early Life:

Birth: Feroze Gandhi was born on September 12, 1912, in Bombay (now Mumbai), British India.
Family Background: He came from a Parsi family with roots in Gujarat.
Early Life - Education and Early Career - Marriage to Indira Gandhi - Legacy and Influence - Death of Feroze Gandhi
Biography of Feroze Gandhi

Education and Early Career:

Feroze Gandhi studied at the London School of Economics.
After completing his education, he worked as a journalist and became associated with political activism.

Feroze Gandhi’s Marriage to Indira Gandhi:

Feroze Gandhi married Indira Nehru, the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, in 1942.
The couple had two sons, Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi.

Political Career:

Feroze Gandhi entered politics and was elected to the Parliament of India.
He served as a Member of Parliament (MP) for several terms, representing Rae Bareli constituency in Uttar Pradesh.

Contribution to Politics:

Feroze Gandhi was known for his efforts to expose corruption and advocate for transparency in governance.
He played a key role in bringing to light the infamous Mundhra scandal in 1957, which involved financial irregularities in the allocation of shares.

Founder of National Herald:

Feroze Gandhi played a significant role in the establishment of the National Herald newspaper, which later became associated with the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Legacy and Influence of Feroze Gandhi:

Feroze Gandhi’s political career and activism contributed to shaping the political landscape in India.
His advocacy for clean governance and his efforts to expose corruption left a lasting impact.


Feroze Gandhi passed away on September 8, 1960, at the age of 47, due to a heart attack.
His untimely death was a significant loss, and his legacy continued through his family’s involvement in Indian politics.
Note: Feroze Gandhi is distinct from Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of the Indian independence movement. Mahatma Gandhi and Feroze Gandhi are not related by blood; the use of the surname “Gandhi” in both names is coincidental.
Feroze Gandhi’s contributions to Indian politics and his commitment to transparency and ethical governance are remembered as part of India’s political history.