Biography of Edmund Hillary:

Sir Edmund Hillary (20 July 1919 – 11 January 2008) was a New Zealand mountaineer, explorer, and philanthropist, best known for being one of the first two individuals to reach the summit of Mount Everest. 
Here is a brief biography of Edmund Hillary:

Early Life:

Birth: Edmund Percival Hillary was born on July 20, 1919, in Auckland, New Zealand.
Interest in Mountaineering: Hillary developed an interest in mountaineering during his school years and joined the Auckland section of the New Zealand Alpine Club.
Early Life and Early Mountaineering Expeditions - Conquest of Mount Everest - Later Years and Death of Edmund Hillary
Biography of Edmund Hillary

Early Mountaineering Expeditions:

1947: Alpine Climbing: Hillary gained experience in alpine climbing in New Zealand and the Southern Alps.
1951: Himalayan Expedition: He joined a reconnaissance expedition to the South Pole with Eric Shipton, which led to his first visit to the Himalayas.

Edmund Hillary’s Conquest of Mount Everest:

1953: Everest Expedition: Hillary joined a British expedition led by Colonel John Hunt to attempt the ascent of Mount Everest.
Summit Success: On May 29, 1953, Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, a Sherpa of Nepal, became the first climbers confirmed to have reached the summit of Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain.
Knighthood: In recognition of his achievement, Hillary was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

Post-Everest Achievements and Adventures:

Mountaineering: Hillary continued his mountaineering pursuits, participating in various expeditions to different peaks around the world.
Antarctic Exploration: In 1958, Hillary led the New Zealand section of the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, reaching the South Pole overland.

Humanitarian Work:

Philanthropy: Hillary dedicated much of his later life to humanitarian work in the Himalayas. He helped establish schools, hospitals, and airstrips in the region.
Founding the Himalayan Trust: In 1960, Hillary founded the Himalayan Trust to support the welfare of the Sherpa people and improve the quality of life in the Khumbu region of Nepal.

Later Years of Edmund Hillary:

Adventure and Exploration: Hillary engaged in various adventures, including a journey to the source of the Ganges River and a trek across the Makalu-Barun region in eastern Nepal.
Writing: Hillary wrote several books about his adventures and experiences, including “High Adventure” (1955) and “No Latitude for Error” (1961).


Passing: Sir Edmund Hillary passed away on January 11, 2008, at the age of 88, in Auckland, New Zealand.
Sir Edmund Hillary’s legacy extends beyond his historic ascent of Mount Everest. His contributions to mountaineering, exploration, and humanitarian efforts in the Himalayas have left a lasting impact, and he is remembered as one of the greatest adventurers of the 20th century.