Biography of Devi Lal:

Chaudhary Devi Lal (25 September 1914 – 6 April 2001) was a prominent Indian politician who played a significant role in the politics of Haryana and the national political landscape. He served as the Chief Minister of Haryana and later as the Deputy Prime Minister of India. 
Here’s a brief biography of Devi Lal:

Early Life:

Birth: Devi Lal was born on 25 September 1914, in Teja Khera village, Sirsa district, Punjab (now in Haryana), British India.
Agricultural Background: He came from an agricultural background, and his early life was closely connected to rural life.
Early Life and Political Activism - Chief Minister of Haryana - Later Political Career - Legacy and Death of Devi Lal
Biography of Devi Lal

Devi Lal’s Political Activism:

Joining Politics: Devi Lal entered politics at a young age, getting involved in social and political issues.
Activism in the Independence Movement: He actively participated in the Indian independence movement and worked alongside leaders like Mahatma Gandhi.

Chief Minister of Haryana:

Formation of Haryana: After the creation of the state of Haryana in 1966, Devi Lal played a crucial role in its early political landscape.
Chief Minister: He served as the Chief Minister of Haryana multiple times (1977–1977, 1982–1987).

Devi Lal’s National Political Career:

Janata Dal: Devi Lal was associated with the Janata Party and later became a prominent leader in the Janata Dal, a political party formed in the late 1980s.
Deputy Prime Minister: He served as the Deputy Prime Minister of India under the Prime Ministership of V.P. Singh from 1989 to 1990.

Farmer’s Leader:

Pro-Farmer Policies: Devi Lal was known for his pro-farmer policies and advocacy for rural development.
Movements for Farmers: He organized several movements and protests advocating for the rights and welfare of farmers.

Later Political Career:

Chief Minister of Haryana (Again): Devi Lal became the Chief Minister of Haryana for a third term from 1987 to 1988.
Prime Ministerial Ambitions: He aspired to become the Prime Minister of India and contested for the position several times.

Death of Devi Lal:

Passing: Devi Lal passed away on 6 April 2001 at the age of 86.


Champion of Farmers: Devi Lal is remembered as a champion of farmers and a leader who dedicated much of his political career to addressing rural issues.
Political Influence: His influence on Haryana politics and his impact on national politics, especially during the tumultuous period of coalition governments in the late 1980s, are notable aspects of his legacy.
Chaudhary Devi Lal’s contributions to Indian politics, particularly in Haryana, and his focus on rural and farmer-centric policies have left a lasting impact. He is remembered as a leader who emerged from the grassroots, representing the interests of the common people.