Biography of Christina Crawford

Biography of Christina Crawford
Biography of Christina Crawford
• Name: Oliver Napoleon Hill.
• Born: 11 June 1939, Los Angeles, California, U.S.
• husband : .
• mother : .
• Wife / Husband: Harvey Medlinski, David Koontz, Michael Breazeal.

Early life of Christina Crawford:

        Christina Crawford is an American writer and actress, best known as the author of Mummy Diest, an autobiographical article of child abuse by her adopted mother, actress Joan Crawford. She had roles in various television and film projects in the country such as the soap opera The Secret Storm and Monica George in the Elvis Presley film Wilde.
        Christina Crawford was born in Los Angeles, California in 1939 as an unmarried teenager. According to his personal interview with Larry King, his father was married to another woman and is believed to be in the Navy; His mother was unmarried. Crawford was adopted by a baby broker in Nevada because Joanne was formally refused to be adopted by social services in 1940 to be an unfit candidate in California.
        Crawford states that Joan did not have a positive relationship with her mother or with her brother, which contributed to her multiple divorces, along with the conclusion of social services. Crawford was one of five children adopted by Joan. Her siblings are Christopher, adopted in 1943, and twin girls, Catherine (Kathy) and Cynthia (Cindy), adopted in 1947.
        Christina Crawford began her acting career on stage and acted in the drama ‘Splendor in the Grass’. He then did plays in ‘Did in Colors on Sunday’, ‘r at Charismatime’, of Dark of the Moon ‘and Is the Moon is Blue’. In 1960, he was cast in Impulse’s force ‘Flick’. The following year, she appeared in the film ‘Wild in the Country’. Subsequently, the American actress appeared in the plays’ The Complete Lovers’ and the Winkelberg ‘. He then starred in the drama guest The Verdict Is Your ‘.
In 1965, Crawford performed the drama ‘Naked Feet in the Park’ with actress Myna Loy. Soon after, she played a role in the film ‘Face’, which also starred Gena Rolands and John Markle. Then from 1968 to 1969, the actress t. V. Joan Borman played the role of Ken in the drama drama The Secret Storm. In addition to these TV projects, Crawford has programmed The Verdict Is Your ‘, Center Medical Center’, ‘Matt Lincoln’, D M.D. ‘, Side ironside’, us Marcus Welby ‘and and the Sixth Sense’.
        In Christina Crawford’s 1978 autobiography Mummy Dearest (which will later be turned into a film starring Faye Dunaway), Christina reveals that Joan, an alcoholic and caring motherly image, was an alcoholic who had a physical and emotional appearance. Abused their adopted children. Christina described how she and Christopher had suffered the brunt of the abuse, while Christopher was put down on her bed each night so that she would not get up to go to the bathroom.
        In chapter one of the book (which would be the film’s most famous scene), Christina recalled how Joan had come into a blind rage after discovering a prohibited wire hanger in her daughter’s wardrobe one night. The Oscar-winning actress “tore clothes from her hanger” and threw her to the floor before Christina was seized by the hair.