Biography of Captain Vikram Batra

Captain Vikram Batra, often referred to as Sher Shah (Lion King), was a courageous officer in the Indian Army who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Kargil War in 1999. Born on September 9, 1974, in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, India, Vikram Batra became a symbol of bravery and heroism for his extraordinary valor and leadership during the conflict.

Biography of Captain Vikram Batra
Captain Vikram Batra

Early Life and Education:

Vikram Batra was raised in a patriotic family that instilled a sense of duty and love for the nation in him. He attended D.A.V. College in Chandigarh, where he was an active and popular student. His dream was to join the Indian Army, and after completing his education, he successfully cleared the Combined Defense Services Examination (CDSE) and joined the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun.

Captain Vikram Batra’s Military Career:

Vikram Batra was commissioned into the 13th Battalion of the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles of the Indian Army. During the Kargil War in 1999, he led his men fearlessly in the treacherous terrain of the Kargil region, displaying exceptional courage and determination.

 Heroic Actions during Kargil War:

– Capture of Point 5140: One of the most significant feats of Captain Vikram Batra was the capture of Point 5140, a crucial peak in the Kargil sector. Under his leadership, his team successfully defeated the Pakistani intruders and reclaimed the peak. His famous words during the battle, “Yeh Dil Maange More!” (“This heart asks for more!”), became immortalized in Indian military history.
– Operation Vijay: Captain Vikram Batra was part of Operation Vijay, the codename for the Indian military’s action to flush out Pakistani forces from the Kargil sector. His bravery and strategic brilliance inspired his comrades and instilled fear in the enemy.

Captain Vikram Batra of Param Vir Chakra

Captain Batra, who completed his studies from Chandigarh, joined the Indian Military Academy. As a lieutenant, he became the commissioned officer of the Indian Army and then led 13 Jammu and Kashmir Rifles in the Kargil war. For his never-forgetting contribution to the Kargil War, he was honored with the highest honor of Param Vir Chakra in August 1999.

Sacrifice and Legacy:

Tragically, Captain Vikram Batra lost his life during the battle for Point 4875 on July 7, 1999. He was posthumously awarded the Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest military honor, for his exceptional courage and leadership.
Captain Vikram Batra’s legacy lives on as a symbol of bravery and patriotism. His story has been immortalized in books, documentaries, and a Bollywood film titled “Shershaah,” released in 2021, which portrayed his life and heroism, bringing his inspiring tale to a wider audience.

Last Time of Captain Vikram Batra

The mission was almost completed when Captain Liptonant, his junior officer, was waiting to save him. During the battle, both legs of Lieutenant Nave were badly injured in an explosion. When Captain Batra was dragging behind to save the lieutenant, he was shot in his chest and he was called “Jai Mata Di” and received Veergati

On June 16, Captain wrote his twin brother Vishal in a letter to Drass Sector – “Dear Kushu, Take care of mother and father … There can be anything here.”