Biography of Birsa Munda:

Birsa Munda was a tribal freedom fighter, religious leader, and folk hero who played a crucial role in the Indian independence movement. 
Birth and Family Background - Early Life and Religious Leader - Munda Rebellion -  Brief biography of Birsa Munda
Biography of Birsa Munda
Here is a brief biography of Birsa Munda:

Birth: Birsa Munda was born on June 15, 1875, in Ulihatu, Bihar, British India (now in Jharkhand, India).
Family Background: Birsa belonged to the Munda tribe, one of the Adivasi communities in India.
Early Life: Born into a farming family, Birsa experienced the harsh realities of British colonial rule, which often exploited and marginalized tribal communities.

Religious Leader: Birsa emerged as a religious leader among the Munda tribe and founded a new faith known as the “Birsait.” His teachings emphasized the belief in a single god, social justice, and the rejection of the oppressive practices of landlords and the British government.
Ulgulan (The Tumult): Birsa led the Munda community in the Ulgulan, or “The Tumult,” a movement against the oppressive policies of the British and the landlords. The movement aimed to establish Munda Raj and preserve the rights and culture of the tribal communities.
Munda Rebellion (1899-1900): In 1899, Birsa Munda led the Munda Rebellion, also known as the Ulgulan, against the British rule. The movement sought to end the exploitation and injustices faced by the tribal communities.
Capture and Death: Birsa Munda’s rebellion was suppressed by the British, and he was captured in 1900. He died in British custody under mysterious circumstances on June 9, 1900, just six days before his 25th birthday.
Legacy: Birsa Munda is remembered as a tribal hero and a symbol of resistance against colonial oppression. His efforts to protect the rights of the tribal communities and his role in the Indian independence movement have earned him a revered place in Indian history.
Tributes: Numerous institutions, including universities, stadiums, and monuments, have been named after Birsa Munda. Jharkhand observes his birthday, June 15, as a state holiday known as “Birsa Munda Jayanti.”
Birsa Munda’s legacy continues to inspire movements for the rights of indigenous communities in India, and he is remembered as a fearless leader who fought for justice and equality.