Biography of Bhavna Somaya

Bhavna Somaya is an Indian film critic, journalist, and author, known for her insightful writing on Indian cinema. Here is a brief biography of Bhavna Somaya:

Early Life and Education:

Bhavna Somaya was born on November 15, 1947, in India. She developed a keen interest in cinema from a young age and pursued her passion for writing about films.
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Bhavna Somaya started her career in journalism and film criticism in the 1970s. She has contributed significantly to Indian cinema through her writing, criticism, and analysis of Bollywood films. She has written for several prominent publications and is respected for her knowledge of the film industry.

 Notable Contributions:

– Author: Bhavna Somaya has authored several books on Indian cinema, including biographies of film personalities. Her books are well-received and provide valuable insights into the lives of Bollywood stars.
– Film Criticism: As a film critic, she has offered critical perspectives on movies, actors, and directors. Her reviews are known for their depth and understanding of the craft of filmmaking.
– Journalism: Somaya has been associated with various media outlets, both print and digital, where she continues to write columns and articles related to the film industry.
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Awards and Recognition:

Bhavna Somaya is recognized for her significant contributions to film journalism and criticism. She has received accolades and awards for her work in the field of cinema.
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Bhavna Somaya remains a respected figure in the Indian film industry, and her writings continue to influence cinephiles, aspiring filmmakers, and readers interested in the world of Bollywood.