Biography of Balkrishna Bhatt

Balkrishna Bhatt – In the field of Hindi journalism, the name of Pandit Balkrishna Bhatt is not uncommon because of the fame of “Hindi Pradeep”, his followers are well-known names like Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya and Rajarshi Purushottam Das Tandon, who started his career in Balkrishna ji Directed by journalism. With the inspiration of Bharatendu Harishchandra, in 1877 he founded “Hindi Vardhini Sabha”. The successful “Hindi Pradeep” came out under this gathering, which was released by Bharatendu Babu himself.

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Balkrishna Bhatt

But the head shaved itself started falling down. Many of the articles printed in this had offended the British bureaucracy and repeatedly warned Bhattji. This letter came to be seen with suspicion that friends of Bhattji stopped coming to his office and started saying, “Please do not come here to us, we will also be taken into the circle of doubt and we look down on useless Will go ” This was the opposite of the authoritative independence of that time. When Bharat (Balkrishna Bhatt) faced governmental sanctions and rumors on the day he came, he got it changed from the political headlines to literary form.

Balkrishna Bhatt had to undergo a financial crisis when he ran “Hindi Pradeep” in this form, so that his whole family was endangered, but without taking care of it, he took it for 33 years and reached the summit of popularity. However, when he was asked for a bail of 3000 rupees under Hindi Press Act, he closed it.

Business life of Balkrishna Bhatt

For some time, Balkrishna Bhatt was also a Sanskrit teacher in Jamuna Mission School, but due to his religious views, he had to quit the post. When he got married, he started working in his unemployment, he also went to Calcutta (presently Kolkata) with the desire to do business, but returned from there soon and got involved in the study of Sanskrit literature and Hindi literature. He started writing articles freely in Hindi weekly and monthly letters and for many years he was a teacher of Sanskrit in Prayag. Bhattji continued editing the Prayag with ‘Hindi Pradeep’ monthly letter for 32 consecutive years. After the closure of Hindi Pradeep, he also saw the editing work of ‘Hindi Shabsagar’ for some time, but due to ill health, he had to leave this work.

Workspace by Balkrishna Bhatt

Bhatt was also a good and successful journalist. In Hindi, in 1933, he established a Hindi Sabha named Bhardwadi in Prayag. He also published a Hindi monthly letter, which was named “Hindi Pradeep”. He was its editor for thirty-two years and continued to do it regularly. Apart from Hindi Pradeep Balkrishna Bhatt ji also edited two or three other magazines. Bhatt ji was the famous essayist of the Bharatendu era. His name will always be the leading name of his essay to serve Hindi. His essays were mostly published in Hindi Pradeep. His essays were always fundamental and full of sense. He used to stay so busy that he did not get the holiday to write books. Despite having a very busy schedule, he wrote a few hundred and twelve books, such as “a hundred aan a sujan”, “rick game of rail”, “nutan brahmachari”, “child marriage” and “examining fortune”. Well you have written some plays, stories and novels other than essays.

Main works of Balkrishna Bhatt

o Essay collection: Literature Suman, Bhatt Nidbandhi

o Novel: New Brahmachari, Saw Ajan is a Susan

o Drama: Damyanti, Swayamwar, Child Marriage, Chandraseen, Rail game

o Translation: Wenichangar, Mruchkatik, Padmavati

Language of Balkrishna Bhatt

In terms of language, Bhatt ji’s place is very high in the writers of his time. He used pure Hindi in his writings. Bhatt was very skilled in choosing words favorable to the expressions. He used to say the idioms and idioms also beautifully. In the language of Bhatt ji, where there is a glimpse of eastern style. As explained – in the place of the explanation – it has been written. The language of Balakrishna Bhatt can be kept in two categories. The first grade language is similar to the words. In the second language, in the language of the second language, along with similar words of Sanskrit, Urdu, Arabic, Persian and English-related words have also been used.

Death of Balkrishna Bhatt

Balkrishna Bhatt died in July 20, 1914. His highest place in the authors Bhattji served Hindi in various forms as dramatist, directors, writers, novelists and translators, and made him rich. Bhattji’s essay is very high in terms of literature. In this direction, they can be compared to the famous English writer Charles Lamb. Bhat ji was the first to start composing prose poetry. Prior to this, there was a complete lack of prose poetry in Hindi.