Biography of Amrita Pritam:

Amrita Pritam was a renowned Indian poet, novelist, and essayist, celebrated for her significant contributions to Punjabi and Indian literature. 
Here is a brief biography of Amrita Pritam:

Early Life:

Birth: Amrita Pritam was born on August 31, 1919, in Gujranwala, British India (now in Pakistan).
Family Background: She was born into a Sikh family, and her father, Kartar Singh Hitkari, was a scholar and poet.
Early Life and Literary Journey - Marriage and Personal Life - Notable Works - Awards and Recognition - Later Years of Amrita Pritam
Biography of Amrita Pritam

Literary Journey:

Amrita Pritam started writing poetry at a young age, and her early works were published when she was just 16 years old.
She gained recognition for her poems, which reflected themes of love, loss, and the socio-political landscape.

Amrita Pritam’s Marriage and Personal Life:

Amrita Pritam was married to Pritam Singh, but their marriage ended in separation. She later fell in love with the famous artist Imroz, and they remained companions until her death.

Partition and Pain:

The partition of India in 1947 had a profound impact on Amrita Pritam, and her experiences during this tumultuous period found expression in her poetry and writings.
Her famous poem “Ajj Aakhaan Waris Shah Nu” is a poignant lament for the tragic events of partition and is dedicated to the Punjabi Sufi poet Waris Shah.

Notable Works:

Amrita Pritam’s literary oeuvre includes poetry, novels, essays, and short stories. Some of her notable works include:
  Poetry: “Rasidi Ticket,” “Kala Gulab,” “Ajj Aakhaan Waris Shah Nu.”
  Novels: “Pinjar,” “Kagaz Te Canvas,” “Ik Si Anita.”
  Autobiography: “Raseedi Ticket.”

Awards and Recognition to Amrita Pritam:

Amrita Pritam received numerous awards for her literary contributions, including the Sahitya Akademi Award, the Bhartiya Jnanpith, and the Padma Vibhushan.
She was the first woman to receive the Sahitya Akademi Award.

Social and Political Activism:

Amrita Pritam was known for her social and political activism, advocating for women’s rights and social justice.

Later Years of Amrita Pritam:

She continued to write and remained an influential figure in the literary and cultural landscape of India.
Amrita Pritam passed away on October 31, 2005, in New Delhi, India.


Amrita Pritam is remembered as one of the most prominent and influential poets in the Punjabi and Indian literary traditions.
Her work, characterized by its emotional depth and social relevance, continues to resonate with readers and is studied in literature courses.
Amrita Pritam’s contribution to literature goes beyond regional boundaries, and her powerful writings have left an enduring impact on Indian literature. She is celebrated not only for her literary prowess but also for her courage in addressing social issues through her work.