Biography of Aaron McGruder

Biography of Aaron McGruder
Biography of Aaron McGruder
• Name: Aaron Vincent McGruder.
• Born: 29 May 1974, Chicago, Illinois, US .
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Early life of Aaron McGruder:

     Aaron Vincent McGruder is an American writer, lecturer, producer, screenwriter, and cartoonist known for writing and drawing The Boondocks, a Universal Press syndicate comic strip and its animated TV series adaptation for which he is the producer, executive producer And was the lead author. Aaron McGruder was born in Chicago, Illinois. When Aaron was six years old, his family moved to Columbia, Maryland, after which his father accepted a job at the National Transportation Safety Board. McGruder has an older brother. McGarder studied at the Jesuit School in grades seven through nine, followed by Oakland Mills High School and Public High School at the University of Maryland, from where he earned a degree in African American Studies.
     Boondocks began in 1996 as a webcomic on Hitkwind, one of the first online music websites. At the time, he was also a DJ at the Soul Controllers Mix Show on WMUC. The Boondocks also briefly appeared as a comic strip in Jason Blair’s tenure in The Diamondback, University of Maryland newspaper, as Additional-in-Chief. McGruder signed an agreement with the Universal Press Syndicate and in April 1999, the strip began appearing in 160 newspapers.
     After graduating from high school, McGruder began his studies at the University of Maryland. When he earned a degree in Afro-American studies, he started laying the groundwork for The Boondocks. In 1996, the comic strip made its debut on The Hotlist Online. The strip was also run in The Diamondback, a University of Maryland newspaper. Ironically, the man credited with allowing the strip to run in The Diamondback is none other than Jason Blair, a former New York Times reporter who was fired for fabricating stories.
Things fell apart between McGruder and the college newspaper and he removed his bandage. The Boondocks were later printed in The Source, a magazine geared towards hip-hop audiences. The partnership was short, but a chance meeting with the Universal Press Syndicate’s Harriet Choice at the National Association of Black Journalists Convention proved fruitful. The Universal Press syndicate was eyeing the comic strip, so a deal was struck. Boondocks began circulating in 160 newspapers in late 1998. As of February 1999, the strip was running in 195 newspapers. By 2005, The Bondocks had run in 250 newspapers.
     The Boondocks were based around Huey and Riley Freeman, two children who moved from an urban town to Bondox (slang for the suburbs) and how they and their neighbors dealt with the transition. Huey, named after Black Panther co-founder Huey Newton, is a black nationalist who questions authority on every occasion.
     In 2004, Aaron McGruder co-wrote a graphic novel with painter Kyle Baker alongside Reginald Hudlin. The novel was called Birth of a Nation: A Comic Novel. He interrupted script writing when he co-wrote the George Lucas feature Red Tales. The film was based on the Tuskegee Airmen in World War II. Aaron is also a public speaker and a lecturer. He focuses on political issues and cultural issues, particularly on Black American culture. He is also a member of the Black Lives Matter movement.