5G services progress in India: 

DTH will not be needed, you will be able to watch all channels by putting SIM in mobile from 5G, know when the service will start.
5G service is going to start in India in the coming August-September. After this the whole world of broadcasting can change. Technocrats of the country have successfully tested the Direct-to-Mobile (D2M) broadcasting service. After the launch of D2M, every person in the country will be able to watch all the programs broadcast on television on their mobile. After the launch of D2M, the consumer will have two options to watch television. This will include broadband network and broadcast network. D2M is broadcast network.

More than 75 crore people in the country have smartphones

According to government data, 21 crore households in the country currently have television and 11 crore of these households have cable connections. In contrast, 1.2 billion people in the country have mobile phones and out of these, more than 750 million people have smartphones. With the launch of D2M, every person having a smartphone will be able to watch all the programs broadcast on cable TV in good quality.

No need for DTH and cable operators

Children of villages will be able to watch educational programs running on TV. They can be made aware in case of emergency. After the introduction of 5G D2M, it will become cheaper to watch programs broadcast on television as it will not require any DTH (Direct to Home) service or cable operators. A specified amount has to be paid.

TRAI will issue draft paper soon for 5G In India 

The most important thing will be that the TV program running in the mobile can also be seen on the home TV. This will also save spectrum. Soon the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) may issue a draft paper for the implementation of D2M broadcasting service as the business of hundreds of cable operators, DTH service companies may be affected due to the implementation of this service.

This technology is completely developed in the country

This technology has been completely developed in the country and a prototype of a mobile with a separate chip to run the TV program has also been manufactured. Recently, Abhay Karandikar, Director, IIT Kanpur, who was associated with the program to develop this technology, told TRAI Chairman P.D. In the presence of Baghela and Information and Broadcasting Secretary Apoorva Chandra, the demo was given in front of a limited number of people.

Video quality will be quite good using 5G

Karandikar said that by 2027, the population of the country will be 140 billion and even if 3.5 Mbps data is provided daily to the people of 3.5 million households, 57 hexabytes of data will be required daily. In such a situation, good quality video cannot be found. But with the use of broadcast network, the quality of video playing on mobile will be very good and every person in the country will be able to watch television by spending less.