5 Best Free Video Background Remover Softwares:

There are several tools and software applications available for removing video backgrounds. Please note that the availability of software and their features may change over time. 
Here are five tools that were known for their capability to remove video backgrounds as of my last update:

1. Remove.bg:

  •   Removes backgrounds from images and videos.
  •   Simple and easy-to-use online tool.
  •   Supports various video formats.
Website: [Remove.bg](https://www.remove.bg/)
Remove.bg - HitFilm Express - Blender - Shotcut - DaVinci Resolve - Best Background Remover Softwares

2. HitFilm Express:

  •   Video editing software with advanced features.
  •   Allows for green screen (chroma key) editing.
  •   Offers a range of video effects and compositing tools.
Website: [HitFilm Express](https://fxhome.com/hitfilm-express)

3. Blender:

  •   Open-source 3D creation suite.
  •   Includes a powerful video editor with chroma keying capabilities.
  •   Offers a wide range of features for advanced users.
Website: [Blender](https://www.blender.org/)

4. Shotcut:

  •   Free, open-source video editing software.
  •   Supports chroma keying for removing backgrounds.
  •   Offers a user-friendly interface.
Website: [Shotcut](https://www.shotcut.org/)

5. DaVinci Resolve:

  •   Professional-grade video editing and color correction software.
  •   Supports advanced color grading and compositing.
  •   Includes a powerful chroma keying tool.
Website: [DaVinci Resolve](https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/)
Before choosing a tool, consider your specific requirements, the complexity of your project, and the features offered by each software. Additionally, check for the latest versions and user reviews to ensure compatibility with your system and the desired level of performance. Always download software from official sources to avoid potential security risks.