11/16/2021 News: Stopping on all types of construction work in Greater Noida, all these things also stopped..

Why stopping on all types of construction work in Greater Noida?

Given the dangerous pollution, all kinds of work has been banned for the next four days in Greater Noida. ACEO Deepchand of Greater Noida Authority has issued an order in this regard. According to the order, there is a ban on all kinds of construction works in Greater Noida for the next four days. Authority has also banned the use of RMC, Haat Mix Plant and Diesel Generator.

Why Stopping construction work Noida

The Greater Noida Authority has written a letter to NPCL not to cut power so that factories and other people do not face any problem. The company has been told that the power supply should continue smoothly.

According to the information received, the ban on construction works is currently applicable only in Greater Noida. So far, people have not been engaged on construction works and others in Noida by the Noida Authority or the district administration. However, it is believed that such orders can be issued in Noida as well.

Let us tell you that the pollution level in Noida and Greater Noida is in the very poor category. In view of pollution, GRAP is applicable. But GRAP guidelines are being violated. Construction work is also going on at many places. In such a situation, efforts are being made to control pollution by banning construction works.

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