What is domain name – You visit many websites on the internet to find answers to your questions on a daily basis.
The way you are reading this article on https://my-expriences.blogspot.com today. In the same way, you may find many kinds of information related to different topics on other websites as you wish.

domain name
domain name

But, have you ever wondered how the millions of websites on the Internet are named? Whose names are determined?

The way we humans are named. In the same way these web sites are also named. Which are known as Domain Name System. Do you know what this domain name is (What is Domain Name in Hindi)? What is the role of Domain Name?

What are domain names?

In the early decade of the Internet, Domain Name was invented in the year 1983 by “Paul Chuckapetris”. Behind any domain (name of website) there is an IP address. This domain name is also known as DNS (Domain Name Server).

After updating the DNS, no website is live on the Internet. An IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) is in Mathematical Format (Numerical). From an IP address, a web browser is aware of the current state of the website that the website is currently stored on the IP address of the computer server.

Now you are wondering what is the name of the IP Address in the name of a website?

Actually we are easily able to identify a person’s name or some object by its name. In the same way, instead of remembering a website’s IP address (, we easily remember the website’s domain name. Therefore, the IP address of a website is a Human Readable Version.

After the IP address a domain appears like this.


Now the question is how do we check the current IP address of a website?

There are a number of websites and online tools at present. Using which we can locate the IP address of a website. To check any website IP address, follow the few easy steps below.

  • First of all open the web browser on your smartphone or computer.
  • Now type this URL – www.site24x7.com in the search bar here.
  • Now after the website is open, go to the Tools section and select the tool named “Find IP Address”.
  • After this, search the website by typing the name of the website in the search box.
  •  The IP address of the website being visited will appear in front of you.

Types of Domain Name?

To buy Domain Name, it is important to know about the main types of domains. Let’s know about the types of main domain names.

TLD Domain

The full name of TLD is Top Level Domain. It starts with dot in the last part of a website.
At top of the site, .com is a Top Level Domain, which helps to rank any site in the search engine. Name of some popular TLDs
  • .com – Commercial
  • .org – Organization
  • .net – Network
  • .edu – Education
  • .info – Information
All these domains can be used for different tasks, in which the .edu .info domain is used to provide education and information on a topic in a website. However, we can register any domain from the Domain Name Service Provider as it is intended for our website.


The CTLD (Country Top Level Domain) is used within a country. That is, these domains are used by people living in a particular country. Having a good knowledge of the domain, you can tell the domain of which country it is after looking at the CTLD Domain.
For example, .in is the Indian Domain and the website of this domain extension can be accessed by only Indian people. Here are some of the main types of CTLD domains given below.
  • .in – India
  • .ca – Canada
  • .cn – China
  • .id – Indonesiaiz
  • .br – Brazil


Subdomain is also known as the Third Level Domain. Because it is a part of the main domain. And it looks like the main domain. After purchasing TLD domains, we do not need to buy any type of domain to create a Subdomain.
For example, the subdomain of the https://my-expriences.blogspot.com/ website.
https://my-expriences.blogspot.com/ can be. And we can customize the subdomain as per your requirement.
Apart from this, there are many types of domains present in the present time, but the above mentioned domains are used mostly in the website.
What is the Domain Now? Knowing this, if you want to know how to buy Domain Name? So before buying a domain, you should take special care of some of the things mentioned here.

How to Buy Domain Names?

  • When buying a domain, always keep in mind that the name of the domain is simple and small, so that people can easily remember your brand.
  • As we know, at present we can not register a domain on the Internet. So, select a different domain name with a special name.
  • If you want to teach people around the world or share information on a topic through your website. You will need top level domains. But if you only want to create a website for people within the country, then it is appropriate to buy a country level domain.
  • You must have a domain related to your Niche (subject). For example, topics related to “how to do” in the tutorialpandit website are explained through the tutorial. That means your domain name is beneficial when you are connected to your business or work
  • At the same time, there are many online websites from where you can easily purchase available Domain Name. And always register your domain name with a better Domain Name Service Provider. ICANN viz. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is an organization that gives various Domain Name Service Provider companies the right to sell Domain Name. Here are the names of some main Domain Name Provider companies.
  • Godaddy
  • Bigrock
  • Namechip
  • Hostgator
  • Bluehost
  • And besides, you can research the internet and buy domain names from any Domain Name Service Provider as per your wish.

What have you learned?

In this lesson we have given you full information about domain names. Did you know what the domain name is? How many types of domaine names are there? How do I buy a domain name? We hope this lesson will prove useful to you.